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How to Maintain a Dental Bridge

Illustrations of different configurations of dental bridges

There are several options to restore missing teeth. A dental bridge can be a great solution to replace missing teeth!

A dental bridge often consists of two dental crowns placed on the natural teeth surrounding a gap with an artificial tooth in the middle of these crowns. It can also be secured to only one crown, to dental implants, or with metal attachments to natural teeth.

Dental bridges are fairly simple to clean and can last 10 or more years. However, this long lifespan is only possible if a patient properly cares for their dental bridge and the underlying gums. Here are some tips to help you maintain your dental bridge:

Do Not ...

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Types of Dental Restorations & When They're Needed

Older couple smiles as they embrace outside by a small hill

At North River Dental Care, we offer a variety of restorative dentistry services, including:

Dental Fillings

Poor oral hygiene and/or an acidic or sugary diet can increase your risk of tooth decay. Tooth decay is weakening of the enamel, the tooth’s outer protective layer. If the affected areas are not fortified through remineralization, they become permanently damaged in the form of a hole, called a cavity. Small cavities can usually be repaired with a simple dental filling. This process involves removing the damaged tissue, cleaning out the tooth, and filling it with a special tooth-colored substance.

Root Canal Therapy

Severe cavities that have resulted in damage to the innermost tooth layer, called ...

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What Are My Options for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Beautiful woman standing against a pink background smiles after cosmetic dentistry

When your teeth are healthy but don’t look that way, it’s only natural to wonder how you can enhance their appearance. If you have done the research, it’s no doubt you have come across cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry comes with many options!

Our team offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments at North River Dental Care in Fredericksburg, VA. For example:

Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you looking to brighten your smile by several shades? Teeth whitening can result in a gorgeously white smile by eliminating deep stains on the teeth to create a more uniform color. Our office offers in-office power whitening treatments and custom take-home whitening trays.

Porcelain Veneers

Custom veneers can ...

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Why a Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Illustration of a tooth being extracted

There are some instances when a tooth extraction is the best choice for your smile and overall oral health. In these cases, extractions can be a beneficial dental treatment to help preserve your oral health and prevent more serious dental issues.

For example, tooth extractions can help prevent infections from spreading if root canal therapy can't save the affected tooth. If an infected tooth is left in the mouth, the infection can potentially spread to the rest of the body through the bloodstream.

Extractions can also help relieve overcrowding if there isn’t enough room in the mouth for all of the teeth. By extracting teeth due to overcrowding, patients can prevent damaging ...

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Dental Hygiene

Dark-haired woman in a yellow tank top smiles as she points to her teeth against a blue background

It doesn't take a bunch of time or money to maintain healthy teeth and strong gums! Here are four simple ways to improve your dental hygiene:

Floss Every Day

Daily flossing is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your oral health. Flossing removes plaque and food debris from between your teeth and under your gums where your toothbrush can’t reach. Doing so will reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, which is the #1 of adult tooth loss. We recommend finding the method of flossing that you will actually do every day! This could be string flossing, water flossing, a floss pick, or a ...

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Signs & Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can affect your cheeks, lips, throat, tongue, gums, and roof/floor of the mouth. To protect yourself, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the signs and symptoms of oral cancer and scheduling regular preventive checkups with your dentist.

Staying proactive about your health can prevent many problems from occurring, as well as help you identify and get treatment for issues while they are minor before they worsen. Knowledge is power, so knowing what oral cancer can look and feel like can prompt you to seek treatment earlier than you would otherwise. Early treatment means a better outcome!

Possible Red Flags for Oral Cancer

  • Ringing and/or a feeling of fullness in the ears
  • Difficult and ...

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The Best Ways to Treat Sensitive Teeth

Do you remember those long summer days of your youth when you could easily devour an ice cream cone without cringing in pain?

Children rarely experience sensitive teeth. But as some patients age to adulthood, they can start to experience sensitivity. It could be that they were born with thin enamel or maybe over time the enamel got prematurely worn down due to a medical condition, chronic teeth grinding and clenching, or aggressive toothbrushing. Certain dental issues can also contribute to sensitivity, such as exposed tooth roots, chipped teeth, and gum disease.

While you can’t turn back time and get back the more robust teeth of your younger self, there are a ...

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When Is the Right Time to Consider Dentures?

a dentist holds dentures to show a patient a potential tooth replacement option

Dentures can be a great tooth replacement solution for many different ages of patients, not just seniors! Modern dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever before. To help you decide whether you should consider dentures to replace your missing teeth, we’ve answered frequently asked questions about this beneficial restorative treatment:

Why Should I Consider Dentures?

Not only are missing teeth a major disruption to your appearance, but they can also negatively impact your ability to talk, chew, and perform other daily activities. Along with dental implants, dentures are a common treatment for missing teeth. Unlike dental implants, dentures are not invasive and do not require any surgery. They’re also ...

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What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

Black man cringes in pain and touches his cheek during a dental emergency in Fredericksburg, VA

There’s never a good time for a dental emergency. However, knowing what to do in advance can help you calmly and confidently take the right steps to help yourself and your loved ones. Here is a brief guide about what to do for common dental emergencies:


When you have a toothache, it could mean several things. It might be a sign that your tooth is infected or your gums are irritated. Whether the pain is mild or severe, don't ignore it! Gargle with warm saltwater or apply a cold compress for pain relief while you call our office to schedule an appointment.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If a permanent tooth gets knocked out, there’s a ...

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How to Protect Your Teeth During Sports

Two mouthguards from the dentist to protect teeth in Fredericksburg, VA

Sports are a great way to have fun and get physical exercise. Participating in sports can also result in unfortunate dental injuries that are painful and expensive to fix. That’s why wearing the proper safety equipment, including an athletic mouthguard, is so important.

Sports-Related Dental Injuries

Trauma to the mouth can happen during sports that may involve contact with other players, equipment, or the ground. This can include football, soccer, hockey, rugby, basketball, baseball, softball, skateboarding, gymnastics, martial arts, racquetball, and more. A cracked tooth, chipped tooth, fractured root, or a knocked-out tooth are common dental emergencies during sports. An “intrusion” is an injury where impact pushes a tooth back into ...

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