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While brushing and flossing remove the majority of plaque and tartar off your teeth, they don't get every groove—especially the back molars, which are the favorite place for leftover food and plaque to hide.

Dental sealants can help prevent leftover food and plaque from developing cavities by protecting the back chewing surface of your teeth. If you're looking for excellent cavity prevention, Dr. Bailey and our team can apply dental sealants for kids and adults!

How do sealants prevent tooth decay?

Dental sealants can play a significant role when it comes to avoiding dental fillings. Sealants are thin, plastic coatings applied onto the tooth's chewing surface. Just like their name suggests, dental sealants seal and help protect the teeth! This cavity prevention measure isn't a substitute for eating sugary drinks or stopping brushing, as sealants only serve to add an extra layer of protection to already existing preventive dentistry practices.

What are the benefits of dental sealants?

Dental Fillings or other restorative treatments are never pleasant. However, dental sealants can encourage healthy and strong teeth and stop tooth decay from occurring. They are quick, easy, and painless to apply. Dental sealants are also less expensive than dental fillings, which weaken the natural tooth and may need to be replaced later.

Who are dental sealants best for?

If you have good oral health or cavities in very early stages, dental sealants could help your teeth remain in good shape. Dental sealants for kids and adults are available, but the earlier you apply a sealant, the better. Dental sealants for kids and adults work and are applied the same. If you're interested in this preventive dentistry service, our team will take a look at the condition of your teeth to ensure there are no existing cavities that need treatment before sealants are applied.

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