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How Do I Prevent Bad Breath?

how to fight bad breath

If you suffer from halitosis (bad breath), you understand how embarrassing and distracting it can be for your daily life. Bad breath is usually a sign that you aren’t following the best possible oral hygiene routine. There’s no need to feel embarrassed, though! At North River Dental Care, we offer compassionate, judgment-free dental care for all our patients. We know that taking care of your teeth and gums means making healthy habits for life. If diet or lack of brushing isn’t the cause, persistent bad breath could be a sign of other health concerns such as allergies, infections, tooth abscesses, or gum disease. If you suffer from bad breath, make an appointment with Dr. Bailey to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy.

While treating halitosis will depend on the cause, here is a list of ways you can prevent and treat bad breath.

Make Sure to Brush Twice Per Day

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends two minutes of brushing twice a day. This will help remove plaque and particles of food, which can lead to bacteria that cause bad breath. Flossing every day is also important, because food that lingers in between your teeth can cause bacteria to grow.

Try a Tongue Scraper

tongue scraper for bad breath

Ever notice a yucky, foul-smelling film on your tongue? If brushing your tongue with your regular toothbrush doesn’t seem to make a difference, try an inexpensive device called a tongue scraper. You can find them at most drug or grocery stores. Gently scrape your tongue, making sure to frequently rinse the tool along the way. Always wash tongue scrapers thoroughly with alcohol or mouthwash between uses to prevent bacteria from growing.

Stop Smoking!

stop smoking for fresh breath

There are certainly endless reasons to stop smoking… and here’s one more! Smoking and other tobacco products can cause bad breath. This is because smoking dries out your mouth and creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, the lingering aroma of smoke can make your breath smell stale and not so fresh.

Have a Snack… of Parsley, Mint, Celery, or Apples

celery, mint, and apples for fresh breath

Producing saliva will help keep bacteria from clinging to teeth and gums. Some snacks between meals can actually alleviate bad breath by keeping your salivary glands active. Also, avoiding an empty stomach cuts down on acids that build up and contribute to bad breath.

Drink Plenty of Water

When your mouth is dry, bacteria have a better chance to flourish. Drinking water will help keep your whistle wet as well as wash away bits of food and bacteria. If you are taking medications that cause dry mouth, Dr. Bailey can help recommend an over-the-counter rinse or other methods to keep your mouth moist.

Is it time for your dental checkup with Dr. Bailey? Give North River Dental Care a call and book your appointment today. If you have questions about other ways to prevent bad breath, we’re happy to help answer them for you!

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