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Tips for Eating & Drinking After Oral Surgery

If you undergo dental surgery, it is important to diligently follow your post-operative instructions to promote a smooth, healthy recovery and to avoid painful complications. Of course, follow any instructions from your doctor about what you should or should not eat and drink, but Dr. Bailey and our team have also put together the following list of tips to aid your recovery!

1. Stick to Soft Foods

At first, you’ll need to only eat softer foods. We recommend Greek yogurt (less added sugar than regular yogurt), smoothies, pureed soups (like tomato soup or this yummy black bean soup from Our Best Bites), mashed bananas, and mashed veggies (like mashed sweet potatoes). If you need to indulge your sweet tooth, try a low-sugar ice cream, sorbet, or sherbet, or even a homemade banana ice cream.

2. Prioritize Hydration & Essential Nutrients

Plenty of water and foods high in vitamin A and C encourage healing after oral surgery. Foods like sweet potatoes and eggs pack the nutrients you need for the road to recovery!

Brown egg sits in a blue and white striped holder with a smiley face on it due to its high nutrient content

3. Brush & Rinse Gently

After oral surgery, you can help prevent infection with daily oral hygiene. Follow the instructions you’ve received about brushing and flossing your teeth and gentle rinsing of your surgical site to ensure that you continue to heal.

4. Avoid Things That Can Disrupt Healing

To prevent any blood clots from dislodging, avoid vigorous rinsing, spitting, and using straws. Moreover, do not smoke, chew tobacco, chew gum, eat sticky or hard candy, chew ice, drink alcohol, or drink beverages that are excessively hot, carbonated, and/or caffeinated.

Aerial view of a brown carbonated soda in a glass with a black straw, both things to avoid after oral surgery

5. Rest

In addition to carefully monitoring what you eat and drink after oral surgery, make sure you’re getting plenty of rest and do not immediately return to vigorous activities. Taking it easy allows your body to conserve strength and devote more energy to helping you heal.

Discuss Your Concerns with Our Team!

Follow these tips and the ones given to you by your doctor to increase the likelihood of a speedy recovery. To ask our expert team at North River Dental Care any other questions about recovering from oral surgery or to schedule a checkup and cleaning at our office, contact us today.


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