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Can Professional Teeth Whitening Fix My Yellow Teeth?

Brunette woman smiles after professional teeth whitening in Fredericksburg, VA

Over time, it’s typical for teeth to become discolored, whether it’s due to our oral hygiene habits, diet, or just general wear and tear. But having a yellow smile can give us an older appearance and impact our self-confidence.

At North River Dental Care, we offer professional teeth whitening services that can dramatically brighten up your smile in a short amount of time, no matter the cause of your tooth discoloration. Let’s take a closer look at how our professional teeth whitening services work.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Want to have a brighter smile in just one dental visit? In-office teeth whitening is a perfect option for you! Our team will carefully apply a concentrated, professional-grade whitening solution to your teeth to help boost your results. Most patients see their smiles get up to eight shades whiter in just a single treatment! Plus, we’ll provide you with take-home whitening trays so you can touch up your sparkling smile at home.

Take-Home Whitening Trays

Most over-the-counter whitening solutions give disappointing results because they don’t use powerful enough ingredients. Our take-home whitening trays use the same professional-grade solution as our in-office treatments so you can achieve a whiter smile in the comfort of your own home.

Because our whitening trays are designed to sit snugly in your mouth, you can get a more effective treatment than you would with a store-bought solution. Within one to four weeks, your teeth will look noticeably whiter and brighter.

Teeth whitening is safe for patients older than 14 and does not cause long-term sensitivity. Our team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you have a comfortable experience and are happy with your results.

Affordable Teeth Whitening in Fredericksburg, VA

Dr. Bailey and our team at North River Dental Care would love to take care of you and your smile! If you are interested in having a brighter, younger-looking smile, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

Having a Hollywood smile doesn’t mean you need to have to pay Hollywood prices! Check out our financial page to learn more about how we keep our treatment plans affordable for all patients.


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