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  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - March 10,2022
The Dental Hygienist is terrific! She?s encouraging, professional, responsive to patient needs, etc, etc. I?ve always had terrific hygienists from this office, but she goes over, above and beyond and I am most thankful for her personal and professional skills. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - March 10,2022
The office staff were friendly and willing to answer my questions. They were very helpful, reassuring, accommodating and good listeners in response to my questions and concerns about the office survey and ?procedures?. I would highly recommend all of the ladies! Thank you?
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph E. - March 10,2022
Always courteous staff, and Dr. Bailey explains all steps of any process thoroughly.
  (5 out of 5)  by Shayna C. - March 10,2022
My 8 y o daughter used to be scared of the dentist but she loves Dr Bailey and the crew. She even broke out of her shyness and opened up to them
  (5 out of 5)  by Stefon C. - March 10,2022
I can?t say enough good things about the entire staff at North River Dental Care. They are too wonderful for words
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph R. - March 9,2022
North River Dental is the best. Highly recommend.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sherrod J. - March 8,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Kenneth W. - March 8,2022
Excellent staff and excellent service!
  (5 out of 5)  by Gay G. - March 8,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah M. - March 8,2022
Love Dr. Bailey and all the staff at North River.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Michael R. - March 8,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert A. - March 4,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Charles P. - March 3,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Edgar H. - March 3,2022
Well run, professional, friendly and most of all painless Dental practice. Highly recommend.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kermit H. - March 1,2022
As always - an excellent visit to what I definitely consider to not be among my favorite activities. I was traumatized as a child by a couple of dentists and I both feared and loathed dental offices. Over the years I found good dentists, and unfortunately used their services extensively. But I have Dr. Bailey and North River Dental Care to be superior to any other dental practice that I have used. Not only is the facility immaculate, but everyone treats me as if I am someone special. And while Dr. Bailey is exceptional in his skills, he is particularly reassuring in his engagement with me as a patient. Now, going to my dentist is a very good experience, something that I never thought I would have been able to say,
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael T. - March 1,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Lyanne G. - March 1,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathryn J. - February 28,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Annelyse M. - February 22,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Brooke A. - February 22,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Fred C. - February 22,2022
This was our first visit following the death of our long-time family dentist. We (my wife and I) were very impressed and look forward to our new long-term dentist.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Charles K. - February 22,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Peggy N. - February 22,2022
Great service and nice people
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Irene C. - February 21,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Crystal G. - February 17,2022
  (4.6 out of 5)  by John K. - February 15,2022
Great cleaning today. Great staff. I appreciate your overall care
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathy G. - February 11,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Brenda C. - February 10,2022
Professional, friendly and very comfortable feeling when you walk in.
  (5 out of 5)  by John M. - February 10,2022
Friendly, helpful front office staff. Competent, professional dental staff. Dental cleanings are thorough and designed for pro-active dental care. Hygienist is caring, understanding and personable. Dr. Bailey is caring, competent and professional in his approach. All dental costs are shared ahead of time.
  (5 out of 5)  by Angela H. - February 9,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Charlynn P. - February 9,2022
Stephanie was very thorough in examining my mouth and explaining what she was doing. She was also very friendly. Dr. Bailey was personable and helpful. Ellen at the front desk was informative and on top of things. She called me the day before my appointment to let me know my insurance would not cover the visit and provided the cost. She also let me know the appointment maybe cancelled. She wished me a belated happy birthday. Everyone was friendly, thorough and informative.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael B. - February 9,2022
Wonderful staff. I have never felt more at ease in a dental office. Thank you all, very much!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jacqueline C. - February 3,2022
Stephanie is wonderful. She?s makes going to the dentist so easy.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lisa R. - February 2,2022
Dr. Bailey and his staff are so in tune with patients. They are well aware of each patient?s treatment preferences and treat each patient with dignity and respect.
  (5 out of 5)  by Gregory S. - January 26,2022
Most people dread going to the dentist but the professionalism and personal care always makes for a positive and yes, an enjoyable visit. Dr Bailey and Stephanie are outstanding and I place my trust in them without question.
  (5 out of 5)  by Christopher P. - January 26,2022
The nicest Staff ever! Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Cianna H. - January 22,2022
Dr. Bailey and his staff are just wonderful! Very friendly and just very welcoming and very comfortable to get your teeth worked on!
  (5 out of 5)  by Diane W. - January 20,2022
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Orville T. - January 19,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - January 19,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Danielle M. - January 19,2022
Love Doctor Bailey and the whole team! Great communication!
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Keneath C. - January 19,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Cordell B. - January 18,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca B. - January 13,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret R. - January 12,2022
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Robert R. - January 11,2022
Dr. Bailey?s staff are the best!
  (5 out of 5)  by John K. - January 11,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by David W. - January 11,2022
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah M. - December 23,2021
Thanks for all you do.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Richard S. - December 22,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Doris W. - December 21,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Megan H. - December 19,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra W. - December 16,2021
They are a well oiled team machine. They are in tune with their patients and sense if you?re not your usual self. They go over your options in a detailed manner and give you time to think it over. There is no pressure on their part. I wish I had met them 40 years ago! Although, they probably weren?t born yet
  (5 out of 5)  by Gerard A. - December 13,2021
Excellent staff and service as usual. Happy holidays
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret W. - December 13,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Vivian C. - December 12,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Anthony J. - December 9,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Frank C. - December 7,2021
Everyone is terrific very friendly and helpful
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Rebecca K. - December 7,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by David M. - December 6,2021
the Receptionists were very very kind. Stephanie was tremendous! And the Doctor was very personable and very knowledgeable in my recommendations for treatment.
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - December 6,2021
Every staff member was helpful and explained all procedures thoroughly. They are all professional, friendly, attentive and truly interested in my wellbeing. Thank you to everyone!
  (5 out of 5)  by Tiffany H. - December 6,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Vernell G. - December 3,2021
I appreciate the time and care they gave, especially since I?m so scared of needles and dentist! I am beyond pleased with all staff and the extra care they offer in support of the work needed! Dr Bailey goes above and beyond, assuring medical past and treatments are aligned! Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  (5 out of 5)  by Autumn M. - December 1,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Sherrod J. - November 23,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Paul S. - November 23,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Kaden W. - November 23,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Charles K. - November 22,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Janet L. - November 22,2021
I look forward to, and always enjoy my visits with the North River Dental Care team.
  (5 out of 5)  by Bartlett R. - November 21,2021
As usual, the staff is always on the ball. It is so nice to see a Dr who treats his staff with so much respect and appreciation.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ronald W. - November 17,2021
Polite, friendly, and very helpful. Above all they were very professional.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - November 15,2021
Dr. Bailey and his staff are always professional and friendly. I?ve always been satisfied with the services they provide. Not many people can say they actually like ?going to the dentist? but I definitely do. Thank you!!
  (5 out of 5)  by John M. - November 12,2021
A very pleasant experience. Thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Christel B. - November 10,2021
Thanks again for taking such good care of all my dental and associated administrative needs.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca J. - November 9,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Vickie F. - November 5,2021
I am so glad that I am now coming to your practice. The office is always exceptionally clean and all precautions are taken to ensure everyone?s safety. Everyone is professional and knowledgeable and always so courteous and caring of my dental health. I have been highly recommending your practice to others. Vickie Falls
  (5 out of 5)  by Ralph S. - November 5,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Benford C. - November 4,2021
Dr Bailey and his team are kind and professional
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph R. - November 3,2021
Dr Bailey and his staff are true professionals and always put me at ease. I used to have reservations about dental care due to past experiences. I no longer have that issue with North River Dental Care. They far exceed my expectations.
  (5 out of 5)  by Vicki C. - November 3,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Nancy C. - November 2,2021
Lovely staff and doctor!
  (5 out of 5)  by Crystal G. - November 2,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Gloria J. - November 2,2021
Thank you for doing an excellent job of taking care of my teeth!
  (5 out of 5)  by Cheryl K. - October 27,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen S. - October 26,2021
I appreciate how kind and friendly all of the staff is. It always makes me feel comfortable and less anxious.
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert L. - October 21,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Michelle H. - October 21,2021
So glad we found Dr. Bailey!
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert B. - October 19,2021
Thanks for taking care of me today
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Keneath C. - October 18,2021
Friendly, professional staff from the front desk staff to the dentist. The Dentist listened to my concerns regarding pain and uneasiness about dental experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Stanley F. - October 18,2021
All personnel were extremely nice and professional during my visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Liam V. - October 14,2021
Wonderful every time we come!
  (5 out of 5)  by John K. - October 12,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall L. - September 30,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by James B. - September 29,2021
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Jeffrey S. - September 28,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph W. - September 22,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by David W. - September 22,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by William M. - September 21,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Lisa R. - September 16,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Felix B. - September 15,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall S. - September 14,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Maxwell V. - September 14,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard H. - September 9,2021
Front desk, excellent Assistants, excellent My dentist, excellent. Love them
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret W. - September 9,2021
Only my second visit but I feel so comfortable there. Everyone is so welcoming! Would highly recommend to everyone. Stephanie did a great job with the cleaning and Dr. Bailey is so knowledgeable and friendly.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lynn C. - September 3,2021
Very happy with NRDC!
  (5 out of 5)  by Aaron C. - August 30,2021
the dentist and staff are awesome. i would reccommend them to my family and friends.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Frank C. - August 30,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Thomas P. - August 30,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Janet S. - August 24,2021
The dentist was wonderful kind and compassionate. The reason I had to cancel my previous appointment was because my husband passed away. I told the receptionist on the phone that day why I was cancelling. I never expected that it would be conveyed to the dentist and that he would offer his condolences and ask if there?s anything he could do. I was touched. The folks in that office are wonderful ??
  (5 out of 5)  by Ronald W. - August 17,2021
Very professional, greate quality dental service, Friendly
  (5 out of 5)  by Ronald W. - August 16,2021
Friendly, no hard sale. And very professional
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph C. - August 13,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Hunter B. - August 12,2021
By far the best experience I have had at the dentist. Thank you all very much.
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - August 11,2021
Dental hygienist is thorough, reassuring and professional during the entire treatment. Thank you again!
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Gwynne B. - August 11,2021
The staff and dentist are very personable and friendly.
  (5 out of 5)  by James M. - August 11,2021
Good service
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca R. - August 11,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Lyanne G. - August 5,2021
Excellent service and care from all the staffs.
  (5 out of 5)  by Brooke A. - August 5,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary D. - August 4,2021
Dr Bailey and all of the staff are always kind, professional and genuinely care about me and my dental health.
  (5 out of 5)  by George O. - August 3,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Peggy N. - August 3,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Beverley C. - July 29,2021
Best dentist and dental office I?ve ever dealt with. I used to be terrified of going to the dentist, but Doctor Bailey understood my fears and helped me to overcome my anxiety. If you are nervous and need to overcome your fears this is the best place.
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia L. - July 27,2021
I am all ways amazed by the time ans concern I receive at Dr Baileys office!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jerel W. - July 27,2021
Everyone is awesome!
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret R. - July 21,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Kellyn F. - July 20,2021
Everyone is always nice and the make the atmosphere calm and relaxing. This makes it easier for my daughter when she goes. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Wilma W. - July 20,2021
My husband and I both were very happy with our first visits to North River Dental. We found the staff from the moment we walked in the door, actually beginning with Michelle, when I called to schedule, all to be friendly and welcoming. The relaxing, non-dental look of the office immediately puts you at ease. Stacy was great. Dr. Bailey put you at ease and took time to get to know us and spent time explaining everything. A dental appointment I walked away from actually looking forward to my next.
  (5 out of 5)  by Vicki C. - July 20,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Bruce M. - July 19,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen M. - July 15,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Loretta M. - July 15,2021
Best care I have ever had!!! Many thanks to the whole team!!!! I Will never go anywhere else... Thank you all
  (5 out of 5)  by Patrick J. - July 14,2021
I literally had the most comfortable cleaning of my life. The hygienist is obviously experienced, knowledgeable, and skillful. She made me feel comfortable, calm, and left my teeth feeling amazing and without pain! I moved out of state and came home after my appointment to research my new employer?s dental plans in order to keep with this office. I am literally willing to fly hundreds of miles back to see Dr. Bailey and his staff and to receive top-notch dental care. Absolutely outstanding. Best dental provider I have ever had. Thanks so much for keeping my teeth healthy!
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - July 14,2021
Always love going to the dentist - a comment which few people share. Everyone is extremely professional yet friendly and any suggested procedures are explained fully with estimated costs documented in detail and provided in advance. Thank you, Dr. Bailey , Stephanie and the full staff for all that you do to keep me smiling
  (5 out of 5)  by John K. - July 13,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Gregory S. - July 12,2021
Great experience. Professional and personable
  (5 out of 5)  by Helen W. - July 8,2021
My tooth problem was thoroughly investigated and explained.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kim S. - July 7,2021
Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Janis R. - July 7,2021
North River Dental Care is the BEST!!! We have recommended the practice to a number of friends. Everyone in the practice is caring, competent and friendly. It makes coming to the dentist an enjoyable experience. Thanks for all you do.
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Robert R. - July 1,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Deena J. - June 30,2021
Dr. Bailey is the best dentist Ive ever had and his staff is amazing!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Rhashidah S. - June 24,2021
Thank you for making me feel safe and at ease. You guys are amazing!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah M. - June 23,2021
I really love coming to the dentist here. I have recommended it to friends and family. Thank you for all you do!
  (5 out of 5)  by Christopher P. - June 22,2021
Rachel is the Best!.. Very professional and knowlegable. Wonderful chairside manner! Thank you!..
  (5 out of 5)  by Larika R. - June 21,2021
I love my dentist.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen K. - June 16,2021
Not a cheap date but efficient, professional and highly skilled.
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard C. - June 16,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Kelly G. - June 16,2021
I actually dont mind going to the dentist anymore since I started coming here. Dr. Bailey and his staff actually listen to any concerns or questions and answer them honestly and thoroughly. I feel confident in his abilities and cannot say enough about how wonderful everyone is. I am thankful to have found them!
  (5 out of 5)  by Constance S. - June 15,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Abigail P. - June 10,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by James C. - June 7,2021
Awesome Dr and Staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Shaneka J. - June 7,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Layla W. - June 3,2021
Everyone in this office is friendly and has taken care of us with the upmost honesty. The staff here has built a great rapport with us and we no longer have fears about going to our dental appointments.
  (5 out of 5)  by Monique F. - May 27,2021
Thank you all for providing excellent service and making my visit A great experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Marion B. - May 26,2021
Stephanie is an absolute delight. I feel very comfortable in her care. I would highly recommend this practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sylvester S. - May 25,2021
Everyone there is so nice anyone looking for a Dentist this is the place to go North River Dentist its the right place to go
  (5 out of 5)  by Crystal G. - May 24,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Lynn C. - May 21,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret W. - May 19,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra E. - May 19,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Jan E. - May 18,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Paul S. - May 17,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Valerie F. - May 17,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Tara B. - May 14,2021
I absolutely have anxiety about coming to the dentist. It directly correlates to horrible experiences as a child and young adult. I have always appreciated the hygienists there, but found Stephanie absolutely wonderful?way beyond any other hygienist I have had!!! She was beyond amazing and put me at ease instantly. She was easy to talk with and made me feel like I wasn?t even at the dentist. The dentist was, as always wonderful to work with and very reassuring! I am so glad I could come back to this team in the future!
  (5 out of 5)  by Marjorie H. - May 11,2021
My mouth feels GREAT!
  (5 out of 5)  by Janet L. - May 7,2021
I was very impressed with everyone on my 1st appointment and look forward to future visits.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rachael A. - April 30,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - April 27,2021
The Dentist and Hygienist were professional, interested in my well-being as a whole, gentle with their dental procedures and more than willing to further explain procedures, etc. I have always been treated with dignity and kindness. The hygienist even went ?the extra mile? to explain the advantage of using a water pic. She went the ?extra mile? and showed the website for using it, explained the advantages and the differences between models, options and prices. She was very thorough also. The Secretary was very patient and answered all my questions about a new insurance and reassured me that we?d work together proceeding through the payment process. How could anyone not want to join this group of wonderful/ thorough professionals. Many thanks to everyone.
  (5 out of 5)  by Christel B. - April 24,2021
Great job by hygienist Stephanie. Dr. Bailey is always thorough and clearly explains any treatment recommended. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming. Thanks for taking such good care of me!
  (5 out of 5)  by Joan T. - April 22,2021
What a nice office! Very happy I discovered North River Dental for myself and my husband. Dr. Bailey, Michelle and Stacey were all friendly and I so much appreciate their patience with the transfer of records from our previous dentist. I feel confident that we will be receiving the best care here.
  (5 out of 5)  by Doris W. - April 21,2021
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Lola H. - April 20,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Vickie F. - April 19,2021
I always dread dental visits but felt very at ease and comfortable in this office. Each one of the staff is very courteous and friendly. They are very thorough and explained all procedures so that I understood them. Will definitely recommend this dental practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara M. - April 19,2021
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Kathleen K. - April 19,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Shayna C. - April 15,2021
Everyone was very nice to me and they do a good job.
  (5 out of 5)  by Stefon C. - April 15,2021
One of the first dental offices I enjoy going to. Michelle is an absolute pleasure. Dr. Bailey is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. And all of the hygienists help me to better care for my teeth.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sherrod J. - April 15,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca D. - April 14,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael F. - April 13,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca R. - April 13,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Gerard A. - April 13,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Gloria J. - April 8,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Stacie B. - April 6,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Beverley C. - April 5,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah P. - April 5,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Unberto T. - April 1,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Blessy G. - April 1,2021
This is my 2nd visit. The staff are really pleasant. Dr. John Bailey is really good.
  (5 out of 5)  by William S. - April 1,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Kristi B. - March 30,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - March 30,2021
Thanks for quick, professional, friendly visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Stanley F. - March 30,2021
All aspects of this visit and all personnel involved with my visit were very pleasant and professional.
  (3.8 out of 5)  by Mary J. - March 29,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Birgit S. - March 29,2021
Friendly and professional! Highly recommended!
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert R. - March 26,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Vivian C. - March 24,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert B. - March 24,2021
Thanks for keeping my mouth healthy
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret R. - March 23,2021
Appreciate the consideration shown me.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jennifer R. - March 22,2021
Excellent experience all around. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Gwen W. - March 17,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Benford C. - March 17,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Janet P. - March 17,2021
Dr. Bailey and the staff were knowledgeable and pleasant! The office was clean, and the atmosphere was calm.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rossana O. - March 17,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Gary P. - March 11,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Gerald F. - March 10,2021
Stephanie was a pleasure to work with. She listened to all of my concerns and took appropriate actions during the cleaning process to ensure my comfort.
  (5 out of 5)  by Cameron M. - March 9,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Derrick A. - March 8,2021
I love the staff. They are all very knowledgeable about the treatment.
  (5 out of 5)  by Erica L. - March 8,2021
Stephanie was so kind and helpful today (3/8/21). It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Bailey. NRDC is a judgement-free zone that I enjoy going to.
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Patricia E. - March 4,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Judy L. - March 3,2021
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Jeffrey S. - March 2,2021
I have nothing negative to say nor recommendations. As usual everyone was great.
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall L. - March 2,2021
I feel like Im in good hands with Dr Bailey and his staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Aaron C. - March 1,2021
everyone there is kind and respectful
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - February 28,2021
If you want the best dental care then you need to go to the Dental Team at North River Dental Care. Dr. Ryan Bailey DDS, FAGD is the best dentist I have ever been to. He and his team really know their stuff. Best of all unlike some dentist he does not believe in pain. I had to have some extensive dental work done that was going to be rather painful but I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Bailey was able to do the work with very little discomfort to me. If you need dental work done North River Dental Care is the place to go.
  (5 out of 5)  by Marion B. - February 25,2021
It has been years since I last saw a dentist, as my last visit to dentist was very painful. I felt with the last dentist I saw it was more about quantity of patients and not quality of care. Dr. Bailey and Stephanie helped put me at ease and listened to my fears and issues. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone.
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard H. - February 23,2021
Dr Bailey and staff are absolutely the best. I had an infected tooth which caused me severe pain over the weekend. Doc was able to see me Monday morning and was pain free by 11:30.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jacqueline C. - February 23,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by James B. - February 16,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Lynn C. - February 15,2021
Received an excellent cleaning today by Stephanie. A great addition to the practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Felix B. - February 8,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Douglas C. - February 5,2021
Dr. Bailey and staff were warm, welcoming and most of all, very thorough in explaining my specific needs. From check-in to check-up to check-out the experience sets the standard for care providers.
  (5 out of 5)  by James M. - February 3,2021
Excellent staff and service
  (5 out of 5)  by Brooke A. - February 3,2021
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Patrick J. - February 2,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Paige C. - January 28,2021
I had to wait a bit but ultimately it was worth the wait.
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Richard S. - January 27,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Charles K. - January 27,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Peggy N. - January 26,2021
Thanks for the great cleaning!
  (5 out of 5)  by David S. - January 21,2021
Love the office and staff and cannot tell you how happy I am to have my teeth cared for. Tank you for everything. David
  (5 out of 5)  by Iva M. - January 21,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - January 20,2021
The Doctor, Dental Hygienist and Receptionist were friendly, professional and answered all my questions thoroughly. In the midst of this pandemic, they displayed a genuine and appropriate interest to an individual?s wellbeing. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen S. - January 19,2021
Top notch experience every single visit!
  (5 out of 5)  by Rhashidah S. - January 14,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Gabriele H. - January 13,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Anthony J. - January 12,2021
I want to start by thanking all, for the friendly and professional atmosphere. I have looked for a Dentist that i could feel comfortable with for almost 15 years...after all this time i have finally found a place that i dont mind getting dental work performed at (Like most folks. i dread getting dental work done) But if you have to, this is definitely the place to go. Tony
  (5 out of 5)  by Doreen S. - January 12,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Megan H. - January 8,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Shelbi B. - January 7,2021
I almost fell asleep while stephanie was cleaning my teeth, she was so gentle! Everyone was so nice!
  (5 out of 5)  by David B. - January 7,2021
The service is excellent. Recommended to relatives.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen M. - January 5,2021
  (5 out of 5)  by Jose D. - December 28,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Christel B. - December 28,2020
Thanks for taking such good care of my and my husbands dental health.
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara L. - December 28,2020
Always professional,caring and friendly. Extremely grateful to be worked into your busy day to help with my dental emergency.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra W. - December 23,2020
I already recommend this practice to my friends and family. I just love Dr. Bailey. He is truly concerned about his patients and their comfort or fear. I use to be terrified of the dentist but he has slowly and gently relieved me of that. He asks questions and he also answers anything you might need to ask. He has the best manners!
  (5 out of 5)  by Vivian C. - December 23,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Wilson O. - December 22,2020
My last clean up was the best ever Thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah M. - December 22,2020
Thank you for being so patient and always answering any questions I have. Such a clean and nice office and exam area. Thanks
  (5 out of 5)  by Deena J. - December 22,2020
Dr. Bailey and staff are the best! I appreciate everyone being so friendly and going above and beyond for my family and I. I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know looking for a great dentist!
  (5 out of 5)  by Brenda C. - December 21,2020
Love this Dental office! Very professional and takes care of your needs. Never feel rushed.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rachael A. - December 17,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - December 16,2020
Both my husband and I have been patients of Dr. Bailey and his team for over four years now since moving to Virginia. We continue to be impressed with the high level of service they provide in their inviting office. Everyone is so professional and yet personable and friendly and always make each visit a pleasant experience. To be able to say that about ?going to the dentist? is remarkable. Don?t hesitate to join their practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sherrod J. - December 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Bella J. - December 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Sherrod J. - December 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Christopher P. - December 14,2020
Great as always.. The Ladies are wonderful!.. Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - December 14,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard H. - December 8,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Kristi B. - December 3,2020
I do not care to visit the Denist ! But this place makes me so comfortable I just love it !!
  (5 out of 5)  by Melinda L. - December 2,2020
Every person at NRDC is exceptional. Great atmosphere and very nice office environment.
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephanie H. - December 2,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Keith J. - November 23,2020
Staff is very professional. As always, it is my treatment decision when presented with options. Everything is clearly explained.
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall S. - November 17,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathryn J. - November 17,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra E. - November 17,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Beverly F. - November 16,2020
Dr. Bailey and his staff are so friendly and helpful. Dr. Bailey is excellent. He explains everything during procedures and keeps me calm and relaxed. I have recommended North River Dental Care to my friends and will continue to do so. I highly recommend this dental practice!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sylvester S. - November 16,2020
The entire staff at north river dentist from the front office to the back office are so wonderful I would recommend everyone I know looking for a dentist there.keep up the good work GREAT JOB.
  (5 out of 5)  by Janessa J. - November 13,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Stefanie C. - November 11,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by William W. - November 4,2020
Everyone was so nice and the doctor explained the approach he would like to take for treatment clearly. Really great experience!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen S. - October 29,2020
Your office is hands down the best Dental practice Ive been a patient of over the years. Dr. Bailey is very kind and compassionate and explains everything so thoroughly. He was able to relieve my pain that Ive had for the past year, and for that I am very grateful. All of the office staff is very kind and friendly and make going to the dentist enjoyable, which is saying a lot from someone whos always had dental visit anxiety. I will definitely recommend North River Dental Care to others. Top notch dental care!
  (5 out of 5)  by Paul S. - October 29,2020
Unbelievably friendly people, you dont find that very often these days. I enjoyed my visit!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Tiffany H. - October 28,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Dorothy D. - October 27,2020
The Dentist and all of his staff are Excellent!! You will not find any better anywhere else.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca B. - October 23,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda L. - October 22,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Philecia M. - October 20,2020
I would highly recommend Dr. Bailey and his team, this was my first time to this office and it was very clean, the staff was very polite, professional and. Dr. Bailey was very thorough and answered all my questions.
  (5 out of 5)  by Curtis J. - October 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Priscilla P. - October 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Bruce M. - October 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephanie M. - October 12,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by David S. - October 9,2020
Very professional and caring team! I would definitely recommend to anyone!
  (5 out of 5)  by Stefon C. - October 8,2020
Stephanie was GREAT! Very knowledgeable. The ladies at the front desk are welcoming and makes you feel at home. Dr Bailey is thorough and efficient.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Joshua S. - October 8,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by David D. - October 7,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Vickie U. - October 5,2020
My first time to this office was a great experience all around!
  (5 out of 5)  by Ashley F. - October 5,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Katrina W. - October 5,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Megan H. - October 1,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Deborah P. - October 1,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Annelyse M. - September 25,2020
Dr. Bailey ? s dedication to easing his patients? dental problems and restauring comfortable Chewing are unusual. His team is equally caring. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara L. - September 23,2020
Dr. Bailey, all the techs and assistants, and the front desk people have always been super efficient, friendly, professional and concerned for my comfort and welfare. All of my experiences in this office have been excellent, even the more involved treatments. Thank you!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Chezana G. - September 22,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - September 22,2020
Professional, accommodating, attentive to patient needs and explains procedures in detail. Office sparkles regarding cleanliness! Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca K. - September 21,2020
This is by far the best dentist I have ever had. Highly recommend.
  (5 out of 5)  by Unberto T. - September 21,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael S. - September 17,2020
I was made very comfortable. Thanks for getting rid of my pain.
  (5 out of 5)  by Krista H. - September 17,2020
The front receptionists were so nice and professional! the girl who took my xrays was so sweet and had pleasant conversations. The doctor himself was amazing he made me very comfortable and even made me laugh a few times. I really love this office!
  (5 out of 5)  by Karen H. - September 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Delaine S. - September 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbette R. - September 14,2020
The doctor was very patient, understanding, and very friendly.
  (5 out of 5)  by Shannon W. - September 10,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna R. - September 9,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Doreen S. - September 9,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Christel B. - September 9,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Benford C. - September 8,2020
Always have good experience here
  (5 out of 5)  by Sheri M. - September 3,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Gwen W. - September 2,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Dorothy A. - September 2,2020
Excellent dental care.
  (5 out of 5)  by Xiaohong M. - September 1,2020
Thank you for your wonderful service.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - August 27,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Zoe B. - August 26,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Nicole J. - August 26,2020
I truly appreciate Dr. Bailey and all of his team. You always ensure I have a great experience when I come for dental services. You always do an excellent job!
  (5 out of 5)  by Alyssa M. - August 26,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Kenneth W. - August 25,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Christopher P. - August 24,2020
As always, great staff and a great experience. Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael B. - August 24,2020
I am very pleased with the services and support that I have received. Thank you all, very much!
  (5 out of 5)  by Breanna B. - August 22,2020
Definitely loved the professionalism of the entire staff. Definitely going to recommend to all my family and friends.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Victor S. - August 19,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Kelly-Anne V. - August 18,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Erica L. - August 18,2020
Everyone is always very helpful and friendly. I love that they offer 5:00 pm appointments. Such a great office.
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard H. - August 17,2020
great team. Very friendly and extremely professional.
  (5 out of 5)  by Gabriele H. - August 13,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Martha H. - August 7,2020
Stephanie was clear, precise and professional. Dr. Bailey to great care to explain with detail all issues with my teeth.
  (5 out of 5)  by Dorothy H. - August 6,2020
I absolutely love this place!! They take great care of you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Gerry A. - August 4,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia K. - August 3,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Ralph S. - July 31,2020
just want people to know that going to the dentist today was a great thing for me.i broke my cap last night and was in the office by 10;00am the next day .i know its hard to get people in that fast but they really try very hard to make things right and do the very best for you. scott stonebreaker
  (5 out of 5)  by Melinda L. - July 30,2020
Always a pleasant experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michele M. - July 28,2020
As always, great service and kind employees. I appreciate you all!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jason A. - July 27,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Marcella M. - July 22,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Jesse C. - July 22,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Ana H. - July 22,2020
Dr. Bailey is awesome at his job!
  (5 out of 5)  by Charles K. - July 22,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard B. - July 22,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by James M. - July 20,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Jennifer R. - July 17,2020
Loved everything about my visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Patrick J. - July 16,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Peggy N. - July 16,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Shannon S. - July 15,2020
I chose this office after looking at reviews for days and I am so glad that I did. The entire visit from beginning to end could not have gone any better. Truly the friendliest office staff and dentist that I have ever met.
  (5 out of 5)  by Taneshia W. - July 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by David B. - July 14,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Helen R. - July 13,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathryn J. - July 7,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Samanta T. - July 7,2020
Dr. Bailey and his staff are always a pleasure to see! Thank you so much for taking care of my teeth!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael T. - July 7,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Harry C. - July 7,2020
My wife and I relocated from the Fairfax, VA to Lake of the Woods and were looking for a local dentist for our dental care. North River Dental Care was recommended to us by one of our friends. We each made appointments for a consultation and both my wife and I were very satisfied with the facility, personnel, equipment. We each received a detailed and thorough Interview, Xrays and exam. Dr Bailey then gave each of us an explanation of the findings and recommendations for care if needed. North River Dental Care exceeded our expectations in every way and we are having our dental records transferred from our dentists in NVA to our new family dentist.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael R. - July 6,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Lynn C. - July 6,2020
Both my husband and I are looking for a new dentist. Think we have found it!
  (5 out of 5)  by Tamatha A. - July 1,2020
This practice is the Grand Royale of Fredericksburg!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah M. - July 1,2020
I truly enjoy going to the dentist. I appreciate how friendly the staff is. I also won?t change dentists anytime soon. Thank you for all you do.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kimberly W. - June 30,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Gloria J. - June 29,2020
Another great visit. Thanks!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Phyllis F. - June 26,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by John G. - June 25,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Jan M. - June 25,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - June 24,2020
I?ve been a patient for almost four years now and have always been extremely pleased with the service provided. Dr. Bailey and his staff are very professional, friendly and genuinely interested in providing excellent care. I truly appreciate and thank them for making a visit to the dentist so pleasant.
  (5 out of 5)  by James B. - June 23,2020
Super cleaning job by Stephanie. Thanks
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra B. - June 23,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard C. - June 22,2020
Thank you for your awesome service and care!
  (5 out of 5)  by Allison R. - June 22,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Otto Q. - June 19,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Dorothy D. - June 16,2020
I wish i had started going to North River from the beginning, i feel like it would have made a big impact on me, even though i still feel scared, ashamed of my dental situation, everyone in the office makes me feel better... all of them... and you all have the cleanest bathrooms I have ever seen, I love it :-) I would highly recommend you all to EVERYONE. Thanks
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen M. - June 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - June 15,2020
The Doctor, Hygienist and Receptionist were all professional, friendly and attentive to my needs. Dr. Bailey was also concerned about my wellbeing especially in light of the pandemic. He is concerned about the entire wellbeing of his patients (at least this one- me). The Hygienist was very attentive to my physical needs and offered additional professional Medical advice that worked for me since my last appointment... and I complimented her for being so attentive to my dental needs. Before I arrived at the appointment, I emailed the Receptionist for copies of different forms. She responded to my multi requests online and had these forms available Immediately when I was checking out! What a TEAM! Thank you again! My comments are truthful. I?ll see them again in several more months.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jose D. - June 11,2020
Everything was to my liking.
  (5 out of 5)  by Janette C. - June 11,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph C. - June 11,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Wilhelmina S. - June 9,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Julie W. - June 5,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Kyle M. - June 3,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Adrian C. - June 3,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Lyanne G. - June 3,2020
All staff made me feel safe, comfortable and relax. Very organized, and with a respectful environment. I am really happy with the results
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra E. - June 2,2020
Staff and Dr. are always very pleasant, and thorough with taking care of me or my family as if we were there own.
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia L. - June 2,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Deena J. - June 2,2020
Mr. Bailey and his team are awesome and take great care of my myself and my family!
  (5 out of 5)  by Keith A. - June 1,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert R. - June 1,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Constance S. - May 27,2020
I feel your response to the CoVid19 situation and handling of it is excellent and that my appointment went very well. Thanks to your team.
  (5 out of 5)  by Brandy G. - May 21,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Ashley L. - May 20,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Steven M. - May 20,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Walithah C. - May 19,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - May 18,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Courtney H. - May 12,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Larika R. - May 11,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Richard S. - May 7,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen K. - May 7,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Carol D. - May 7,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by David B. - April 3,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Jason O. - March 29,2020
By far the best Dentist I have ever had... I always recommend Dr. Bailey to any and every one that needs a dentist... The staff is always friendly and eager to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have... The office is always clean and accommodating... When you enter the office you would think you just entered a 5 star spa... However with Dr. Bailey its always about his patience first I have found he is very reasonably priced but when you add in everything else you get with Dr. Bailey... He is way under priced... As for my family and I there is no other Dental practice that could replace Dr. Bailey and his wonderful staff... Thank you North River Dental Care staff for everything you do and especially Dr. Bailey.... The Owens Family
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca B. - March 19,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Jonnathan Z. - March 17,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Matt K. - March 9,2020
I came in today to get a root canal, which I was absolutely dreading. All I can say is that I have never had a dentist as good as Dr. Bailey. I have had cavities filled with other dentists that hurt worse than my root canal today at Dr. Baileys office. I was there for 2 hours and I could not have had a better experience. I will/ would absolutely recommend this practice to anyone looking for a reputable dentist!
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph C. - March 7,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Megan H. - March 5,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Renee L. - March 4,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Deborah P. - March 3,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Michael B. - February 28,2020
Courteous staff, clean facility, and Dr. Bailey is a great dentist!
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephen L. - February 25,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Diane W. - February 24,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Vicki C. - February 18,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Benford C. - February 18,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Sandra K. - February 17,2020
The staff is always polite and accommodating.
  (5 out of 5)  by Brian B. - February 13,2020
Love North River. They are all about their patients. This is the first dental office I?ve been to where their all about the patient being comfortable.
  (5 out of 5)  by Shanel M. - February 12,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Paul F. - February 12,2020
Outstanding dental care!
  (5 out of 5)  by Gloria J. - February 11,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Maria M. - February 11,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by David B. - February 11,2020
Thank you for great service thanks David
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathryn J. - February 10,2020
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Stephanie P. - February 10,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Tonya A. - February 6,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca R. - February 4,2020
This practice has the friendliest staff who are excellent at calming a nervous patient and is exceptional at all they do. I HIGHLY recommend North River Dental Care!!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Shayna C. - February 1,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall L. - January 30,2020
You are in good hands with Dr Bailey and his staff of professionals.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen H. - January 29,2020
Excellent practice with great staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Karen C. - January 28,2020
Staff very professional and concerned the entire time of your visit.
  (5 out of 5)  by Gerry A. - January 28,2020
Michaela is awesome!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan J. - January 23,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth D. - January 22,2020
I have nothing but good things to say about this practice, they have the best customer service!
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Thomas G. - January 17,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Garnett G. - January 15,2020
North River is a very professionally run organization. From the moment you walk in the door, everyone on the staff treats you with courtesy and respect. It is clear to me that customer care and satisfaction are priorities for the North River team. By far, the best dental practice I have ever experienced. I have highly recommended North River to others and will continue to do so. Thank you for great service!
  (5 out of 5)  by Steven P. - January 15,2020
Everyone was so pleasant to be around, the cleaning was hassle and pain free. Definitely would highly recommend going to North River Dental Care!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jared H. - January 15,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan M. - January 15,2020
Y?all are great!!! I tell everyone to go to you!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Peggy N. - January 14,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Cassandra W. - January 9,2020
Dr. Bailey really helped make the experience better after I had some anxiety issues about getting any work done due to previous dentists who were unprofessional and did a bad job. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dentist.
  (5 out of 5)  by Felix B. - January 9,2020
For years my dental care was on the back burner because if it does not hurt, why fix it. Now it is more costly to repair and I am paying for it. I am glad I found NRDC to take care of my dental neglects.
  (5 out of 5)  by Doreen S. - January 9,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Pamela E. - January 8,2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Ashley H. - January 7,2020
Best dentist and hygienist I?ve ever been to! :)
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna R. - January 2,2020
Best dentist ever!!! Staff friendly and caring! Makes going to the dentist a breeze.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Cheryl K. - December 19,2019
Even though I dont always like coming to the office for advanced procedures you guys make the experience pleasant enough. thank you so much to all the staff. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Well not right now Im working. See you in 2020
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - December 19,2019
As always, a pleasant experience. Very professional and friendly staff. Actually look forward to going to the dentist!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - December 17,2019
The Hygienist was friendly, sensitive to my specific health needs and overall terrific. She explained procedures and offered suggestions where appropriate to my needs. I even enjoyed the ?sandblasting ? suggestion which I never had before. Great results! The Doctor was friendly, professional and thorough. I?d recommend him!
  (5 out of 5)  by Helen R. - December 16,2019
I appreciate how the doctor and dental hygienist took the time to explain my treatment plan as well as how I can improve on my home dental care.
  (5 out of 5)  by Wendi L. - December 15,2019
I think Dr. Bailey is one of the best dentist I have ever had. He listens and knows my concerns and makes me feel like I am important. The staff is amazing! With the anxiety I have they dont make me feel foolish for feeling that way. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard C. - December 14,2019
Awesome job!
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph E. - December 12,2019
Staff and Dr. Bailey are very personable,thorough and courteous. From our first call to schedule an appt. to each visit after they have treated us with care and made us feel comfortable. Will definitely refer others to them for their dental care. It is great to finally find a dentist that we are happy with.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kenneth W. - December 12,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - December 12,2019
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Kellyn S. - December 11,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Ralph S. - December 9,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Katrina P. - December 4,2019
Best dentist.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael R. - December 3,2019
Great practice. Thanks.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael T. - November 26,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary M. - November 25,2019
I never thought I would say it is a pleasure to go to a dentist office but it sure is when we visit your office Dr. Bailey!!!! It is also a wonderful experience when the doctor and his assistants know you by name and really and truly know about you, your likes, your family, etc. You all have accomplished something I have never seen in my 67 years and that is an outstanding dental care program where you feel like you are not just a number and are not there just to increase the pocket of the doctor and his office. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE AND FOR BEING WHO YOU ALL ARE!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Patrick J. - November 25,2019
Mikayla, the hygienist that did my cleaning, was amazing. She was extremely gentle, thorough, and pleasant. I have had bad experiences with simple prophylactic cleanings with other offices in the past. She made it a quick, easy, and painless process! Thank you so much!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Annelyse M. - November 23,2019
Looking for an outstanding dental practice? Dr. Bailey and his team are the most qualified and dedicated providers anyone with poor dental health may wish to consult .
  (5 out of 5)  by Helen W. - November 20,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara M. - November 19,2019
Absolutely love Dr. Bailey and his staff! Welcome back Kayla!!!!!!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert R. - November 13,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Ian K. - November 13,2019
Sandy was so patient and kind and Dr. Bailey was awesome! Thank you to NRDC.
  (5 out of 5)  by Deena J. - November 12,2019
Youre all awesome and I love coming there! Deena Jones
  (5 out of 5)  by Anthony J. - November 11,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by David S. - November 8,2019
So glad Cath and I found you guys. I know my #18 has needed attention for a while but Im honestly happy Dr. Bailey is the one who ultimately addressed it. Very confident it how everything has gone. Staff is GREAT! Thank you all.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lakeisha J. - November 7,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Oliva E. - November 7,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Mayra R. - November 4,2019
Dr. Bailey and Mikayla are the best!! Best experience ever!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Gregory T. - October 31,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Kristi B. - October 31,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen K. - October 29,2019
Yes, I highly recommend the team at North River Dental Care. Kay Karstaedt
  (5 out of 5)  by Gloria J. - October 29,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Jose D. - October 28,2019
The doctor did a excellent job.
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephanie P. - October 25,2019
My family and I are new to the Fredericksburg Area and I am very happy to of found Dr. Bailey!
  (5 out of 5)  by Andrew B. - October 17,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - October 17,2019
Knowing each step in procedure was calming. Thank you for going at my pace without a feeling of rushing.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kim S. - October 16,2019
Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth S. - October 14,2019
Thank you for taking me in an emergency without an appointment.
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda L. - October 13,2019
With having issues with other dentists in the past, I was very happy with my initial consultation and my appointment. Dr. Bailey made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Office staff is great! Without a doubt, I would recommend NRDC.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Theresa P. - October 8,2019
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Richard S. - October 8,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Doreen S. - October 3,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Tonaka G. - October 2,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Kyle M. - September 18,2019
Great staff!
  (5 out of 5)  by Brandis M. - September 17,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca B. - September 11,2019
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Adrian C. - September 11,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Constance H. - September 9,2019
Dr. Bailey is excellent. The staff is also outstanding.
  (5 out of 5)  by Iva M. - September 6,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Oda W. - September 5,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Beverley C. - September 4,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Delaine S. - August 27,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Courtney H. - August 27,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael B. - August 25,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Autumn M. - August 24,2019
Everyone is so nice! The office is up to date and clean! Makes coming to the dentist more enjoyable:)
  (5 out of 5)  by Liam V. - August 21,2019
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Annelyse M. - August 21,2019
Dr. Bailey and his team are highly skilled and caring professionals. would recommend Dr.Baileys refined approach to maintaining good oral health
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Donna L. - August 21,2019
I love Michaela.she is very thorough and explained what she was doing and why. What a wonderful addition to the practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Benford C. - August 15,2019
We left another practice feeling we were over charged and not getting the full benefits of the insurance that were paying yearly for, here you walk out and get a printed paper explaining the treatment plan and the insurance coverage. We love it!
  (5 out of 5)  by Christel B. - August 14,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Rachael A. - August 13,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael A. - August 12,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Sylvester S. - August 9,2019
You guys are the best keep up the good work SLY
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary-Lee C. - August 7,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra R. - August 7,2019
Its been the best experience Ive ever had in a dental situation
  (5 out of 5)  by Sylvester S. - August 6,2019
You guys are the best keep up the good job you all are doing
  (5 out of 5)  by Timothy H. - August 5,2019
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Jonnathan Z. - August 5,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathryn S. - August 1,2019
  (4.2 out of 5)  by David S. - July 31,2019
Very great dentist office best around Spotsylvania Fredericksburg Stafford
  (4.2 out of 5)  by James V. - July 29,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephen W. - July 25,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan J. - July 23,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Jackilyn S. - July 23,2019
I feel welcome each time I come in, front desk knows my name, and smile when I check in. The new hygienist Makayla is very nice. She made me feel so comfortable during the cleaning session, it almost feel like a spa. Dr Bailey is an excellent Dentist. He is easy to talk to and he listen very well. He cares about his patient. He lays options of treatment and give a great advice. He always made me feel so comfortable since day one. Thank you Dr. Bailey!! I would recommend this practice highly to everyone..
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah W. - July 22,2019
Thank you for all that you do! Best Dental Care I have ever received! :)
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Fentress B. - July 16,2019
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Laura A. - July 16,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Gerry A. - July 16,2019
Dental hygienist was awesome. Doc and dental as were great as well
  (5 out of 5)  by Tina C. - July 9,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Pamela E. - June 26,2019
I highly recommend this very professional and friendly office.
  (5 out of 5)  by Doreen S. - June 21,2019
Very friendly and professional!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Jessica A. - June 18,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - June 18,2019
Always a pleasant dental visit!
  (5 out of 5)  by Judy L. - June 14,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by David W. - June 12,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Justin C. - June 7,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Mark C. - June 6,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth D. - June 5,2019
Best customer service in the area!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard C. - June 5,2019
Outstanding service!
  (5 out of 5)  by Joshua S. - June 4,2019
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Patricia L. - June 4,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Garnett G. - June 3,2019
A clean, relaxing environment where the staff is very professional and efficient. I wish more businesses were administered with this level of customer focus. Visits to the dentist are easy at North River.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Rosa D. - June 1,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Alexander F. - May 29,2019
I love the caring and professional staff. Dr. Bailey and his team are top notch. I won?t go anywhere else...
  (5 out of 5)  by Helen R. - May 28,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Pamela J. - May 24,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - May 20,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Gina M. - May 15,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Helen W. - May 14,2019
The exam was comprehensive and feedback as to what was seen was appreciated.
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard B. - May 14,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Christopher P. - May 11,2019
Dr. Bailey and his Staff.. are the best! I recommend them wholeheartedly! Very professional and kind..
  (5 out of 5)  by Kaci F. - May 10,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Lydia W. - May 8,2019
I hate the dentist but I love MY dentist--and his entire office staff.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Patrick J. - May 8,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara M. - May 8,2019
Wonderful as usual!
  (5 out of 5)  by John S. - May 7,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Deena J. - May 7,2019
You guys are awesome, cant wait for my next cleaning!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert R. - May 1,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Lisa H. - May 1,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Sandra R. - April 30,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Gerald H. - April 29,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Kenneth L. - April 23,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Samanta T. - April 17,2019
Always a wonderful experience!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Gloria J. - April 17,2019
Great job. Best teeth cleaning that I have ever experienced
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert H. - April 17,2019
The best dentist I have ever had and I was a Dental Tech in the Air Force so Ive been around.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah M. - April 11,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Michele M. - April 10,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Gwen W. - April 10,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Virginia H. - April 10,2019
My experience with north river dental care was so wonderful Dr Bailey and his staff are so wonderful very caring and gentle the understand you us a patient. I well recommended to anybody especially to my family and friends.
  (5 out of 5)  by Iva M. - April 9,2019
I always appreciate the kind, friendly and personal interaction with all the staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Tara B. - April 8,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna M. - April 4,2019
Dr Bailey and the girls all went above and beyond in alleviating my fear, listening to my concerns and working around that. It?s worth the drive from Bealeton to come see them.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Cynthia P. - April 4,2019
Dr. Bailey and staff were very friendly and he explained everything clearly.
  (5 out of 5)  by Peggy N. - April 4,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Stacie T. - March 27,2019
I can?t say thank you enough! I look forward to continuing my care with your amazing staff!
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard S. - March 26,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall S. - March 23,2019
Outstanding as always.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca F. - March 21,2019
VERY kind and caring DDS and staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Doreen S. - March 20,2019
I AM so HAPPY to be one of your patients!! Thank you so much for accepting my husband and I! VERY PLEASED!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Olivia P. - March 20,2019
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Crystal T. - March 13,2019
I was recommended to this office and Im so glad I went. I love the whole staff I have had the pleasure to interact with so far. They made sure I was always comfortable and in no pain. They were great and are now my new dentist office. I highly recommend them.
  (5 out of 5)  by Yvonne S. - March 11,2019
Dentist and his staff demonstrated great patience and interest.
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall L. - March 6,2019
We are in good care at North RiverDental Care.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca B. - March 6,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara L. - March 5,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia J. - March 1,2019
Great experience, especially that is a dentist office!! Wonder atmosphere and great care given from all.
  (5 out of 5)  by Gregory T. - March 1,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Rachael A. - February 26,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Delaine S. - February 26,2019
I just love going to the Dentist, everybody there is just so friendly and they always makes me feel special. Thank you guys so much
  (5 out of 5)  by Renee L. - February 26,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Xiaohong M. - February 20,2019
I have been with North River Dental for two years. Everything is good, and I positively advised.
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - February 15,2019
Hygienist was thorough, professional, answered all my questions and offered further recommendations to enhance my oral health. Shes a keeper! Office staff were friendly and responded appropriately to my additional request. Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kelly H. - February 14,2019
You guys are great!
  (5 out of 5)  by Larry C. - February 13,2019
You guys are the best! Especially dental hygienist Rachel she is extremely thorough! The best of the best. Hands down!
  (5 out of 5)  by Benford C. - February 6,2019
Was looking for a dental office that was in our insurance network, and expected subpar visit because we assumed by going to our previous office that we were paying the high cost because we were getting the best care available, boy were We surprise! This facility had everything they had and more. So glad we looked around.
  (5 out of 5)  by Nelly S. - February 5,2019
No doubts this is the best dentist place ever! I had such an amazing experience with everyone in the clinic! I will definitely recommend this place to all my friends and my family!! Thank you for everything and from now on you guys are my favorite place
  (5 out of 5)  by James H. - January 31,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Daniel F. - January 30,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by David S. - January 30,2019
Dentist is awesome
  (5 out of 5)  by David B. - January 30,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Nicole J. - January 28,2019
I am always extremely pleased with my visits to North River. The staff are very friendly and professional.
  (5 out of 5)  by Samantha S. - January 22,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Shavonda L. - January 22,2019
I love this team!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Annelyse M. - January 19,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Terrik R. - January 15,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by James M. - January 10,2019
Very good service
  (5 out of 5)  by Alexander B. - January 10,2019
I am blown away by the office, service, doctor, staff, and affordable options. I will be recommending this office to my friends.
  (5 out of 5)  by Alexander B. - January 10,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by James M. - January 9,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary-Lee C. - January 8,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Daryl H. - January 3,2019
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Peggy N. - January 3,2019
  (5 out of 5)  by Sara A. - January 3,2019
Thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Mayda J. - December 28,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph B. - December 19,2018
As noted in the past, continual exceptional stellar care!
  (5 out of 5)  by Ashley H. - December 19,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Timothy H. - December 19,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by David B. - December 19,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Cheryl K. - December 18,2018
Rachel is the best EVER, we love her. Oh an Dr. Bailey too! LOL. Dr. Bailey always explains things to the patient and is caring to my needs. Love the practice, your professionalism, modern technology, comfortable atmosphere. Its a pleasure coming here and I recommend you to anyone seeking a dentist.
  (5 out of 5)  by Katrina P. - December 17,2018
The best dentist.
  (5 out of 5)  by Olivia P. - December 12,2018
Always a pleasant experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - December 12,2018
Always satisfied with my visits. A very professional and friendly staff and office.
  (5 out of 5)  by Thomas F. - December 7,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Pascal N. - December 5,2018
Dr. Bailey and entire staff are awesome, will definitely recommend. Thank you all.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lisa C. - December 4,2018
I love everything about this practice. From the first person I see when I walk into the office to how neatly presented the waiting room and the bathroom is chewed way the stuff interacts with my family every time we come in to the office. Thank you, and keep up the great work!
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca J. - December 4,2018
Rachel is an amazing employee! Always enjoy my visit when working with her.
  (5 out of 5)  by Matthew S. - November 30,2018
Warm, friendly, and professional team!
  (5 out of 5)  by Iyana L. - November 29,2018
Everyone is just so wonderful!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Paige S. - November 29,2018
Dr. Bailey is the best dentist I?ve been to and I won?t go anywhere else. I have terrible anxiety and he and the staff make me feel at ease. He does great work.
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - November 28,2018
With Dr. Bailey and North River Dental Care I have always experience a level of competence and care that I have experienced no were else. His staff has always been extremely kind and caring. I would without hesitation recommend North River Dental Care for everyone.
  (5 out of 5)  by James B. - November 27,2018
Great service, very efficient and through.
  (5 out of 5)  by Brylea H. - November 20,2018
We love Dr Bailey and the staff.. They are the best!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara L. - November 20,2018
Staff is always professional, kind and upbeat.
  (5 out of 5)  by Dorothy H. - November 20,2018
They are by far the best in Fredericksburg VA.
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia L. - November 16,2018
All ways feel like the team is interested in me as a whole person not just as a patient.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Jamie S. - November 7,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard H. - November 5,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Helen R. - October 30,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Maria O. - October 29,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert B. - October 27,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Doreen S. - October 24,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Peggy R. - October 24,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Paul F. - October 22,2018
You got me in at the last minute before I had to leave on a trip, and ensured I wasnt having a medical emergency. THANK YOU!!!!?
  (5 out of 5)  by Samanta T. - October 16,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Lanette G. - October 16,2018
Great care and service.
  (5 out of 5)  by Christopher P. - October 15,2018
As always, excellent, professional care.
  (5 out of 5)  by Benjamin P. - October 11,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Katie W. - October 10,2018
Dr Bailey and Staff, awesome.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah M. - October 9,2018
Best oral hygienist and dentist I have ever had. They are kind but, let you know what to work on and focus on when maintaining your oral care. I am so happy every time I leave!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kelsea O. - October 9,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall L. - October 6,2018
You are in good care with Dr Bailey and his staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Deena J. - October 3,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Beverly F. - October 2,2018
I am really happy with your practice. Everyone is so nice and I feel relaxed .
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Ellen M. - October 2,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Janis R. - September 26,2018
I am so glad to have found Dr. Bailey and his wonderful staff. Rachel, the hygienist, is amazing. She is thorough, gentle, explains what she is doing in detail, and teaches me best practices to have healthy teeth and gums. I NEVER have the feeling that Dr. Bailey is trying to sell me more work, but confident that he is also thorough in his examinations and competent in diagnosing problems. He and Rachel are diligent in watching any concerns without pushing any unnecessary treatments. He uses the latest techniques and equipment and Ive always felt comfortable with any procedures. The office staff is caring, professional and helpful in scheduling. It is an outstanding practice. VERY highly recommend them!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kristi B. - September 20,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Kirk D. - September 18,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary-Lee C. - September 18,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by David B. - September 17,2018
Always excellent service.
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan M. - September 11,2018
Thank you all so much for fixing me up! Awesome Doctor and staff!!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Phyllis F. - September 8,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca B. - September 6,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Jason P. - September 5,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Daryl H. - September 4,2018
Excellent dentist, highly recommend
  (5 out of 5)  by Megan G. - August 29,2018
Dr. Bailey and his staff are always amazing with their professionalism and care.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - August 29,2018
Dr. Bailey is so kind and takes time to answer questions in detail.
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret P. - August 27,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Courtney H. - August 22,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Cynthia G. - August 22,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary-Ashley Y. - August 22,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Annelyse M. - August 22,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Jennifer C. - August 18,2018
Best dentist and team I?ve ever had the pleasure of being worked on by! I used to be scared to go to the dentist, but they?ve all made me feel very comfortable.
  (5 out of 5)  by Grisel T. - August 17,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Constance H. - August 16,2018
Everyone was absolutely great. Every procedure was explained. Also, everyone was so kind and treated my teeth great!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia L. - August 16,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph B. - August 15,2018
As always, stellar care and use of the latest technology. North River is the best!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kelly B. - August 15,2018
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Judith W. - August 9,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Samantha K. - August 9,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph O. - August 8,2018
Welcome Tiffany. Rachel is unbelievable. She offers so many suggestions on how to take care of your teeth. I hope she never leaves.
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia E. - August 8,2018
So thankful for Dr. Bailey and the team! I drive from Culpeper and wouldnt consider anyone else.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Nicole W. - August 8,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Adam A. - August 2,2018
Great dental care
  (5 out of 5)  by Dimah A. - August 2,2018
Fantastic dental care
  (5 out of 5)  by Jessica F. - July 31,2018
AMAZING!!!! Definitely recommending to everyone
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Yvonne S. - July 30,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathryn S. - July 30,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Delanie S. - July 25,2018
I have to say that I have been to many Dentists but from the first day that I walked into this office i feel welcome. North River you have my business and I will recommend my family and friends to you all.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jorge M. - July 24,2018
Awesome staff i am very satisfied with the services provided.
  (5 out of 5)  by Anne V. - July 23,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Keith J. - July 18,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Jared H. - July 18,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert B. - July 17,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Jennifer F. - July 14,2018
Dr. Bailey works incredibly hard to make sure that I am comfortable with every step of every procedure. He thoroughly explains things to me so that I am not worried. He is also very patient with me and my many concerns.
  (5 out of 5)  by Terrik R. - July 12,2018
Friendly staff, fast, and professional service!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sydney M. - July 11,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Deena J. - July 3,2018
Dr. Bailey and his staff are so friendly and I always feel so welcomed and cared for. I am so glad I chose them for my dental needs.
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna M. - June 27,2018
I?ve never been so impressed and comfortable with a dental office and staff before. You all are amazing.
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna K. - June 27,2018
I was seen at my appointment time, no waiting. Everyone was friendly and professional. Utmost confidence in the dentist. A very pleasant experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ashley H. - June 26,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Kenneth L. - June 26,2018
Dr. Bailey and his team provide excellent service.
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Kiara T. - June 23,2018
Very caring doctor and staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jessica P. - June 22,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Sara M. - June 21,2018
Outstanding as always.
  (5 out of 5)  by Timothy H. - June 20,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard C. - June 20,2018
Outstanding customer service from the time I entered to the time I left!
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall L. - June 18,2018
Great staff!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Olivia P. - June 18,2018
As always a pleasant experience - no pain.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - June 7,2018
As always, we are very pleased with the exceptional care we receive. Everyone is so professional and the office is so inviting. Thank you for all you do!
  (5 out of 5)  by Erica L. - June 7,2018
Rachel does a great job. I came in for an appointment later in the evening and she still greeted me with a smile. She knows what she is doing and does it very well. I love the tips and tricks she gives me for better improving my oral hygiene at home. Didn?t feel a thing either!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Beverley C. - June 6,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Caralyn W. - June 6,2018
Very nice,great staff, very professional, spa type atmosphere, would recommend to anyone!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah W. - May 31,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Kelly-Anne V. - May 29,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - May 29,2018
Nowhere else will you find the level of care you will receive at North River Dental Care. Dr. Bailey is the best dentist I have every been to. I call him Painless because he did extensive work on me and show great care to make sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lisa L. - May 29,2018
Very satisfied with your practice
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Miranda E. - May 26,2018
Great staff! My hygienist was very wonderful and diligence in explaining each step of the cleaning and eased any of my fears.
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert A. - May 23,2018
Rachels the best....
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard B. - May 23,2018
I TRUST The whole team for my dental and cleaning needs.... See you all again on August 21st!!! Rick
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - May 21,2018
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Annelyse M. - May 18,2018
Dr. Bailey instills great confidence by listening , plans the treatment with an eye to eye conference, offers the most advanced techniques in a state of the art dental set up. Kudos to him and his entire team.
  (5 out of 5)  by Dorothy H. - May 16,2018
The best dentist office ever!!! The staff rock.. thanks for making us feel like family...
  (5 out of 5)  by Paul F. - May 16,2018
Outstanding Dentistry, most welcoming and professional. Explains what you need to know and works with you to get it done.
  (5 out of 5)  by Dorothy H. - May 16,2018
I definitely recommend north river dental.. They are the best and the staff rock!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Brylea H. - May 16,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Wilhelmina S. - May 15,2018
Clean and well lighted and inspires confidence in the team.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen K. - May 14,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Kevin W. - May 11,2018
Thank you for getting my chipped tooth fixed quickly and for getting me back on the right track after eighteen plus years!!
  (5 out of 5)  by William H. - May 8,2018
Very satisfied and appreciative of the professionalism, treatment, and kindness.
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia L. - May 7,2018
I love that you are All so friendly and personable.
  (5 out of 5)  by Larry C. - May 4,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Constance S. - May 4,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Michelle L. - May 2,2018
Always nice and polite. They were able to fit me in with an emergency; they fixed me up to last until they could fix it properly.
  (5 out of 5)  by Susan M. - May 2,2018
I?m continually pleased with the service of all members of this practice. I recommend you every chance I get!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Charles K. - May 1,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Cleo M. - April 30,2018
Since a family member recommended this practice to me, I?ve been both satisfied and pleased with the service and experience.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah T. - April 28,2018
May thanks to the whole team for working with my vet tight time frame and making it possible! You guys are great!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Roslyn M. - April 24,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Diane W. - April 18,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephanie M. - April 17,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Sara A. - April 16,2018
The facility clean and quiet, also all the staff amazing.
  (5 out of 5)  by Dianne B. - April 5,2018
This is a great place. Everyone is very courteous and the service is excellent.
  (5 out of 5)  by Mark H. - April 4,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah M. - April 4,2018
I love coming here! Thank you for being the best!
  (5 out of 5)  by Beverly F. - April 3,2018
Dr. Bailey and his staff is the best! I appreciate that every procedure is explained fully.
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph C. - April 3,2018
Super experience. Will be recommending the practice. thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph B. - April 2,2018
Best dental hygienist ever experienced, please give her a raise! Dr. Bailey is great, best dentist ever! The icing on the cake is their latest and greatest dental care equipment and dental practices employed!
  (5 out of 5)  by Benjamin P. - March 27,2018
Outstanding service, from the greeting at front desk to way all staff conducted themselves.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lisa R. - March 22,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Kristi B. - March 22,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph O. - March 13,2018
Cant say enough about the quality of care provided by this office and professionalism.
  (5 out of 5)  by Brandy G. - March 13,2018
Best dentis office, all around, that I have been to. Dr. B and Rachel are awesome!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Deena J. - March 13,2018
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Rebecca B. - March 9,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Iva M. - March 9,2018
All the staff is friendly and compassionate, a must in all doctors offices but they always go above and beyond.
  (5 out of 5)  by Breona M. - March 7,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeffrey R. - March 7,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Ruth-Anne M. - March 6,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Jason P. - March 6,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara L. - March 5,2018
Great care. Friendly knowledgeable staff who put you at ease
  (5 out of 5)  by James M. - March 3,2018
Would highly recommend . No complaints at all, but I still don?t like dentists
  (5 out of 5)  by Kevin H. - March 2,2018
Everyone at North River is so nice & very accommodating.
  (5 out of 5)  by Pamela J. - March 1,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Megan G. - February 27,2018
You guys were great ! My boys really liked your Calm and caring atmosphere !
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara M. - February 27,2018
Thank you so much for you time and patients with me I really do appreciate it
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah W. - February 27,2018
I have had very in pleasant experiences with Dentistry, my experience with everyone I have had contact with has given me the courage to continuing coming to your office and get my teeth and my health in order! Thank you!
  (5 out of 5)  by Keith J. - February 26,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Jose D. - February 24,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Kimberly C. - February 24,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Angela H. - February 21,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary-Ashley M. - February 21,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael H. - February 16,2018
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Rebecca S. - February 13,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael A. - February 10,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Maria O. - February 7,2018
Both my husband and I think highly of Dr. Ryan Bailey, his wonderful staff and the beautiful, tasteful ambience of the office! We feel well taken care of and it makes it all a wonderful experience!
  (5 out of 5)  by Diana E. - February 6,2018
Friendly, professional, courteous, guess I really like this place!!
  (5 out of 5)  by David C. - February 5,2018
Everyone is very friendly and make each visit comfortable.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathryn S. - February 5,2018
Love the North River Dental Care glad I finally found a great dentist near my home!
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert R. - February 4,2018
Best dentist and dental staff in town.
  (5 out of 5)  by Pam C. - February 1,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Daryl H. - January 29,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary-Lee C. - January 27,2018
Dr. Bailey, and his staff were very nice. They answered my questions, and concerns.
  (5 out of 5)  by Donald T. - January 26,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Leonard N. - January 25,2018
Such welcoming and up best staff! Glad to be a part of this dental family!
  (5 out of 5)  by David W. - January 24,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Peggy R. - January 24,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Jason E. - January 19,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Diane W. - January 17,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Hailey E. - January 16,2018
This is honestly the most caring place I?ve been to. You all are so thoughtful when it comes to the patients needs and concerns.
  (5 out of 5)  by Eric H. - January 15,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by David B. - January 9,2018
I want to thank the staff for their professionalism and excellent care. Perfect as always. Thanks again.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michelle L. - January 9,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by LeeAnn C. - January 4,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Terrik R. - January 2,2018
Customer friendly!
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret R. - January 2,2018
  (5 out of 5)  by Ashley H. - December 29,2017
This was the best dentist experience Ive had in my life! Thank you for your excellent attention and service!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Judith W. - December 21,2017
Everyone was professional and thorough with explanations which is very important to lessen the anxiety of some patients especially me! I am most grateful for the extra time and patience offered during my visit. Thank you very much.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lisa R. - December 20,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephen W. - December 19,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Kenneth W. - December 18,2017
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Donna L. - December 16,2017
Office staff are wonderful and Danny, Rachel and Young Michaela do their jobs with the most professional demenor. I just love them..
  (5 out of 5)  by Jorge M. - December 15,2017
I would recommend this clinic to my family and friends.
  (5 out of 5)  by Erica L. - December 14,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Anne V. - December 13,2017
Absolutely love the staff at North River! They make your appointment relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable.
  (5 out of 5)  by Justin S. - December 13,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Tiffany O. - December 11,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Bruce M. - December 8,2017
Elegant caring environment. Excellent care, can?t say enough good things about care.
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth C. - December 5,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Gregory P. - December 4,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Olivia P. - December 4,2017
This NRDC Team is always professional, timely, attentive, and friendly. I would highly recommend my friends to this Dental Care Office. Keep up the great service.
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - December 3,2017
I have never received anything but excellent attention at North River Dental Care. North River Dental Care is an extremely well equipped facility and Dr. Bailey has always provided me with a level of care I have never received anywhere else. His staff is very professional and will treat you in a courteous and affable manner. Since I have been going to North River Dental Care and place myself in the competent hands of Dr. Bailey Ive never experienced anything but the best dental care, he seems to have gotten rid of all of my dental problems. I have never had anything but excellent checkups since coming under his care. Since I have been following his and his able assistant Rachels advice on how to care for my teeth all of my dental problems have vanished. I cannot recommend North River dental care highly enough.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Larry H. - December 2,2017
Thank you, Dr. Bailey and staff My URC, You constructed, is great. I am following your instructions and not biting down on it.
  (5 out of 5)  by Androulla K. - December 2,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Janette C. - December 1,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - November 30,2017
We continue to be impressed with the professional level of service and the personal attention always provided by everyone there. The office is also beautifully decorated and provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. Thank you for taking such good care of our teeth!!
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Christy F. - November 30,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Ruth-Anne M. - November 29,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Benjamin P. - November 28,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Emory D. - November 27,2017
I love DR. Baileys bedside manner. His staff goes the extra mile and are all polite and courteous. Would recommend and have to all friends and family.
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara M. - November 21,2017
It?s been a year since I first met Dr Bailey and his staff. I would not go anywhere else! Thank you Dr Bailey and North River Dental Care!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - November 21,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Melinda L. - November 21,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia L. - November 21,2017
The staff is so FRIENDLY and helpful. Dt Baily spent as much time as I needed explaining everything. We got along well and I will recommend family and griends
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph B. - November 20,2017
As always, the best dental care I ever had. Their technology is absolutely the latest and greatest.
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph O. - November 16,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Chandler H. - November 14,2017
Please do not change a thing! Most AMAZING office. I definitely do not see any areas that need to be improved!
  (5 out of 5)  by Mayda J. - November 14,2017
Such a warm welcome every time I go. Thank you for being so kind and professional.
  (5 out of 5)  by David C. - October 31,2017
Everyone is very nice and make each visit as pleasant as possible.
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael U. - October 23,2017
Always a great experience. Thanks again for being such a friendly group to work with.
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth G. - October 17,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeff J. - October 7,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Cianna H. - October 3,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah M. - October 3,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Angela P. - October 2,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by LeeAnn C. - September 25,2017
Best dental office ever!
  (5 out of 5)  by Tonya A. - September 23,2017
Im a patient that drives from Maryland to this office because Dr. Bailey and his team are the most professional and gentle Ive ever experienced and the treatment plans are exactly what I find agreeable.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kevin V. - September 20,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by James B. - September 18,2017
I had to wait a while for service, Dentist explained reason for delay and sincerely apologized to me. I appreciated the explanation and received excellent service for my tooth problem.
  (5 out of 5)  by Timothy H. - September 13,2017
Thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Jared H. - September 7,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Beverly F. - September 5,2017
I was so pleased with my first visit. The office is pleasant and the staff is wonderful!
  (5 out of 5)  by Elizabeth C. - August 31,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Lisa C. - August 30,2017
I cannot say enough good about this practice. Literally every single staff person my family came into contact with was absolutely through-the-roof professional, well-informed and just downright nice. Dr. Bailey took much time explaining everything we needed/wanted to know about our dental circumstances. Each and every staff member, from the front desk and billing ladies to the hygienists, and Dr. Bailey were just wonderful.
  (5 out of 5)  by Olivia M. - August 29,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert B. - August 29,2017
Best dental office ever visited.
  (5 out of 5)  by Steven V. - August 28,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Lesa S. - August 24,2017
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Marilyn W. - August 17,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara M. - August 16,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard B. - August 14,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - August 14,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - August 14,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Christina W. - August 12,2017
As always excellent service!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeremy W. - August 11,2017
Our family loves Dr. Bailey and his entire staff! You guys do a great job and are always very professional.
  (5 out of 5)  by Shean B. - August 11,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Marcia P. - August 10,2017
This has been the best dental experience I have ever had. Thank you to the entire staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Samanta T. - July 26,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret R. - July 21,2017
Concern for my comfort greatly appreciated.
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret R. - July 18,2017
Dr. Bailey and the staff do everything possible to help me feel at ease.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lisa H. - July 10,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Xiaohong M. - June 29,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Angela P. - June 13,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Diane W. - June 2,2017
The staff was completely professional. The dental exam was the most comprehensive Ive ever had. I have already recommended you to two of my friends.
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary D. - May 25,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Emmalyne N. - May 9,2017
You all were amazing! Thank you, Dr. Bailey!
  (5 out of 5)  by Allen B. - April 22,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Kristina M. - April 19,2017
Ive been to many dentists in my life. Your office is the nicest and the staff and the dentist are by far the most thorough Ive encountered. Thank you so much!
  (5 out of 5)  by Darcy L. - April 19,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Christina W. - April 6,2017
This was the most professional and customer oriented dentis visit I have ever experienced! Excellent
  (5 out of 5)  by Peggy R. - April 5,2017
Felt very comfortable being there. Everyone was very friendly and seemed to care about me. Attractive office...
  (5 out of 5)  by Richard C. - March 25,2017
Outstanding customer service from start to finish! I appreciated the convince of service (Saturday) and easy set-up. Thanks
  (5 out of 5)  by Thomas G. - March 23,2017
My initial visit and I was impressed by the friendly atmosphere a high degree of professionalism. I also appreciate the clear and complete explanations that were sufficiently detailed yet completely understandable to a lay person. All in all a very good first impression.
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph B. - March 21,2017
Best dentist office ever. Hygienist is stellar!
  (5 out of 5)  by Jessica J. - March 17,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Debbie D. - March 3,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeanne C. - January 28,2017
  (5 out of 5)  by Nichole A. - December 29,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah B. - December 27,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - December 21,2016
I went to the North River Dental Care for a routine cleaning and was treated to a level of professionalism and care I had never experienced in any other dental facility. The cleaning procedure done by Rachel was very detailed and extensive, she even went so far as to examine the other parts of my mouth and neck to make sure that I had not developed any problems since the last visit. Her advice on how to improve my dental care has proven to be extremely helpful in improving the way that I take care of my teeth. After my cleaning Dr. Ryan Bailey came in to do a follow-up exam to make sure nothing had changed since my last visit. He was his usual carrying and professional self and made me feel very reassured that I was getting world-class professional dental care. North River Dental Care is the only dental facility that I have ever looked forward to visiting.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jorge M. - December 12,2016
Great service, thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Douglas C. - December 8,2016
In 40 years of memory going to the dentist; never have I had such an extensive exam, visual aides and purely superb instruction and explanation of treatment. The setting is nothing less than immaculate. Truly service excellence!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah W. - December 7,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Ellen P. - December 7,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Dwayne C. - December 6,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Iwalani C. - November 30,2016
My teeth cleaning was very easy and quick.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sara B. - November 22,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara M. - November 21,2016
Having a very serious fear of dentists all my life has been diminished greatly by Dr Bailey and his staff. These professionals are attentive, caring, and make every effort to ensure I am always comfortable and not afraid. I am on a path of dental health thanks to Dr Bailey and his staff. Thank you North River Dental Care!
  (5 out of 5)  by Donna L. - November 19,2016
I am so happy to find a team that really cares about their patients. This was an early xmas present for me. Thank you..
  (5 out of 5)  by Cheryl K. - November 18,2016
I have already referred your practice to two other family members. Dr. Bailey is OUTSTANDING, I havent been to this quality of a dental practice since I lived in California (20 years ago). I was bragging about my new dentist today at work! Now tell me who brags about their dentist. Im looking forward to my cleaning and other recommended treatments. Thank you for having the type of practice that I was looking for.
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephanie M. - November 17,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Michele M. - November 16,2016
I Love North River Dental Care. You are providing the best Care in town. Sincerely, Michele
  (5 out of 5)  by Bruce M. - November 15,2016
Excellent experience and care, best treatment I have ever received by a Dentist. Really appreciate the care and concern the Doctor had for me. Thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen C. - November 15,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by William H. - November 14,2016
This is a very well managed practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Floyd R. - November 12,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Mason B. - November 10,2016
Fantastic job North River Dental!
  (5 out of 5)  by James B. - November 10,2016
Great experience, I like the communications during the cleaning and it was very through. Your rest room tiles are very cool and the office decor is exceptional. Keep up the great service. Jim Biche
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeff J. - November 9,2016
I have been an apprehensive dental patient most of my adult life due to my dental issues, but Dr. Bailey and the staff @ North River Dental have helped me over come my fears of the dentist and have made me comfortable with treatment and the dental experience in general. I now have zero apprehension about my appointments and for the first time in probably a decade I have no pain or discomfort from my teeth. Can not recommend North River Dental more than that. Theyve been incredible for me.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ingrid S. - November 9,2016
Unbelievable first visit - very impressive office and truly highly professional staff and service. Thank you so much!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael Y. - November 5,2016
Thank you for seeing me so quickly-I am weighing my options before deciding on my course of action-my pain has eased greatly though I am aware that may not be a good thing-you run an organized and efficient business while not losing that human touch-much respect-Mike York
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Rosa D. - October 29,2016
Love Dr. Bailey and his staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ana H. - October 26,2016
Dr. Bailey and his staff are awesome! I recommend them to everyone who needs a dentist! My whole family goes to see him!
  (5 out of 5)  by Angela H. - October 25,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca H. - October 18,2016
Look forward to many years with you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Thomas W. - October 11,2016
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Susan R. - September 28,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephanie H. - September 16,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Matthew C. - September 16,2016
Awesome experience. Friendly staff. Loved Dr. Bailey.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Deanna G. - September 15,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by James C. - September 15,2016
Never in my life have I enjoyed a dentist. I actually enjoy coming to you guys. Keep up the incredibly amazing work!!!
  (5 out of 5)  by David B. - August 25,2016
Excellent service
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph B. - August 23,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Jason P. - August 23,2016
Always a wonderful experience with the staff at North River. Professional, attentive, and timely service with a smile.
  (5 out of 5)  by Trinity E. - August 22,2016
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Adrian C. - August 16,2016
Very good job
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert B. - August 15,2016
As always, excellent dental care.
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara M. - August 10,2016
Thank you to Dr. Bailey and his staff for making me feel welcome and cared for. My fears are very real and the staff understood my fears and helped me feel more comfortable.
  (5 out of 5)  by Gabriella M. - August 9,2016
We appreciate the attention to detail and educating us on our dental health. The staff is beyond awesome. :)
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Brian W. - August 9,2016
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Courtney L. - August 9,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Bennett M. - August 9,2016
keep up the good work!
  (5 out of 5)  by Melissa E. - August 2,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Emily B. - August 2,2016
Everyone is very kind, courteous. Every effort is made to make the patient feel comfortable. The office is extremely clean and orderly with a relaxing atmosphere.
  (5 out of 5)  by Stefanie F. - July 20,2016
Friendly, caring, and great with kids!
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah B. - July 20,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Jennifer S. - July 9,2016
Dr. Bailey is awesome. I and my husband have been to many dentists in the fredericksburg area and none of them have been as great as North River. Anytime a conversation comes up about dentist I always tell them how great his office is.
  (5 out of 5)  by Mary-Jo M. - June 29,2016
You make a visit to the dentist comfortable. Thank you all for everything you do to make it the best visit as possible.
  (5 out of 5)  by Mark C. - June 29,2016
Everyone was so personable and professional. They treated me extremely well throughout the whole visit. Mark C.
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephen W. - June 28,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathryn S. - June 28,2016
I am very happy with my overall experience with Dr. Bailey and staff! :)
  (5 out of 5)  by Candace S. - June 28,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Ralph S. - June 27,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Douglas C. - June 23,2016
Social communication skills far above colleagues elsewhere That is the key!!!!! First impression when serving patients. Calm affect ;polite and respectful in a positive tone. All of which the staff portrayed!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara R. - June 21,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by William H. - June 15,2016
Outstanding staff and care...Thank you.
  (5 out of 5)  by Erlinda B. - June 8,2016
I am an official dental wimp, but not with Dr. Bailey and his staff. This is the most kind and gentle dental office I have ever visited. Dr. Bailey was my dentist when he practiced in Richmond, and I travel to Fredricksburg to see him for my dental care; he is worth the trip.
  (5 out of 5)  by Katrina P. - June 2,2016
Best dentist ever!!!! Love Christina she always welcomes me with a great big smile and the nurse ( forgot her name) sorry!!! Thank you to all for all the support. Xoxoxoxo
  (5 out of 5)  by Charita C. - June 1,2016
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Kelly B. - June 1,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Francine A. - May 25,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall S. - May 24,2016
Outstanding experience as always.
  (5 out of 5)  by Karen C. - May 18,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Olivia P. - May 11,2016
The entire staff was very friendly and polite. Thanks again for the magazine.
  (5 out of 5)  by Melanie B. - May 3,2016
Dr Bailey is wonderful. First visit and he made a very good impression. He will now be our family dentist
  (5 out of 5)  by William H. - April 29,2016
A pleasant, comfortable, and very professional office.
  (5 out of 5)  by Darrell B. - April 28,2016
I have had a great experience every time I go to North River Dental Care. The staff is very professional. I will be recommending this dental practice to friends, family, and co-workers.
  (5 out of 5)  by James B. - April 28,2016
Great experience
  (5 out of 5)  by Wilson O. - April 26,2016
Wow I didnt expected that kind of treatment they gave me. Make me feel that they do care about me thank you
  (5 out of 5)  by Michael P. - April 20,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph B. - April 20,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by James B. - April 17,2016
Outstanding service, every employee treated me well, they explained each procedure and answered my questions.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah B. - April 14,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Emily B. - April 13,2016
My first visit was a very pleasant experience with the receptionist, the dental assistant, the hygienist and the Dentist. Everything was done very professionally, yet on a caring and personal level. The office is immaculate too! I went away feeling very positive and would definitely be an ambassador for North River Dental Care!
  (5 out of 5)  by William J. - April 13,2016
I have been to a number of dentists over my 46 years and I can honestly say this has been my best experience. Everything is explained clearly, the Dr. and staff are very thorough and professional and they have the cleanest and most modern facility Ive ever seen. I highly recommend!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Estevan G. - April 6,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - April 2,2016
As the usual my recent visit with North River Dental Care was most satisfactory. I came in for an adjustment to my dentures and as usual Dr. Bailey was most patient, consider, and affable. He continued working on my dentures until they fit perfectly. I can honestly say without reservation after having had extensive dental work performed by Dr. Bradley that he is the best dentist I have ever been to. His staff is most competent and pleasant to deal with and the facility is first-rate and modern.
  (5 out of 5)  by Tammy J. - April 1,2016
The customer service and friendliness of every one in the office was exceptional. Our family has definitely found a new dentist!
  (5 out of 5)  by Shirley J. - April 1,2016
Overall, we had a great experience as the staff were very friendly & professional. I commend Dr. Bailey for the exceptional dental equipments like the X-ray which was more easier & comfortable in smaller mouths. The genuine hospitality and the communication with Dr. Bailey & his staff made use feel welcomed and our dental visit really pleasant!
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah M. - March 31,2016
You guys are great!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathy S. - March 22,2016
Great experience! Thank you for taking me on short notice! :)
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Georgette Z. - March 12,2016
Dentist was awesome. Took time to make me feel comfortable knowing I had a high level of anxiety
  (5 out of 5)  by Libny U. - March 10,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Nicole J. - March 8,2016
Dr. Bailey and all of this team are the best!!
  (5 out of 5)  by Kelly S. - March 3,2016
Very courteous staff and also very clean facility!
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Taquetta B. - March 1,2016
Made me feel comfortable being there with my fear
  (5 out of 5)  by Carolyn M. - February 26,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Maria S. - February 24,2016
The most beautiful office with staff that show a high level of care and empathy for your situation. From the awesome (and funny!) receptionist, to both of the assistants who were so well-educated and great to one of the BEST Doctors I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I used to be scared of the Dentist, but due to Dr Bailey and staff -- I am no longer afraid. I know that this office will have A-Level service and after my procedure today I will be going here from now on. The attention to detail, the knowledge of the staff and professionalism of Dr Bailey make this team ALL-STARS! Thank you so much, you have no idea how immensely grateful I am for you all.
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert F. - February 23,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Katrina P. - February 23,2016
Everyone is fantastic...
  (5 out of 5)  by Stephanie H. - February 23,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Alice L. - February 22,2016
So glad I have North River Dental Care as my dental office everyone is so great and does a great job.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jeff J. - February 19,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Robert F. - February 19,2016
A nice friendly office . I felt relaxed and comfortable while I was there.
  (5 out of 5)  by William H. - February 18,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Megan K. - February 17,2016
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Barbara R. - February 13,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Angela H. - February 13,2016
I want to thank the entire staff because you made me feel so wonderful. I appreciate the great care that I received today. Thanks again.
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Irvetta V. - February 13,2016
I felt so comfortable, with everyone in the office. The time you all spent explaining everything gave me a understanding about my out of pocket expenses. Dr.Bailey explained there would be no pain and there was not, thank you all so much. See you for the next appointment.
  (5 out of 5)  by Chris R. - February 12,2016
Very nice visit you all did a great job thank Chris reynolds
  (5 out of 5)  by Charlotte W. - February 11,2016
We have been very satisfied with North River. The front desk, waiting area, staff and atmosphere are all top notch.
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah B. - February 4,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Iwalani C. - January 31,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Byron C. - January 28,2016
Very impressed with the entire Practice and everyone associated with it.
  (5 out of 5)  by Pam C. - January 27,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia S. - January 27,2016
Very nice office. Very calming atmosphere. Dr and staff are always very nice. I would definitely recommend them.
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret P. - January 26,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Mayda J. - January 23,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Katherine H. - January 21,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Lori C. - January 20,2016
From Rachel, to Christina, to Mikela and to Dr Bailey...there is not a more professional dentist office anywhere. You guys make everyone feel welcome and you make a patient feel like they are the only person who needs treatment at the time one is in the office. Thank you everyone!
  (5 out of 5)  by Hannah G. - January 18,2016
Staff was wonderful! Everyone was super friendly, welcoming, and attentive.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jack D. - January 15,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Sarah B. - January 14,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Wendy H. - January 11,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Vernell J. - January 11,2016
I had an appointment on Saturday January 9, 2016 to have a couple of extractions. I was very afraid of the dentist but I have to let everyone know this is the best dentist office you could ever visit. They show so much concern for their patients , and I can truly say the patients come first. I had a good experience on this visit. VERNELL JONES
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia E. - January 10,2016
There is simply no room for improvement! Dental care just doesnt get better than this!
  (5 out of 5)  by Bartlett R. - January 8,2016
I just started my first treatment (crown & root canal) with Dr Bailey and his staff and have found that the experience has been the best that I have encountered in the many years that I have been seeing Dentists over a multitude of issues. I have never felt that Dr Bailey or his staff are rushing to get you out the door...and his determination to do the best possible job is impressive. The negative? Well, living in Herndon, VA, and having to drive 1 1/2 - 3 hours (one way) to reach his office is not pleasant, BUT I plan to continue to do so to receive the best dental care at a fair price.
  (5 out of 5)  by Adam C. - January 6,2016
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Adrian C. - January 5,2016
  (5 out of 5)  by Christopher F. - December 30,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - December 22,2015
I really cant say enough good things about North River Dental Dare. Dr. Ryan Bailey is a model of a caring professional. I have been to many dentists over the years but I have never encountered a dentist as good as Dr. Bailey. Instead of running a dental practice that feels like a factory production line he gives you the individual care that you need. He will sit down with you and work out a dental care program that takes into consideration your individual needs. The extensive work he did on me was unlike any dental work I previously had. He explained everything to me and took great care to make sure that I was comfortable and at ease during the whole procedure. He is a bit of a perfectionist but when you walk out of North River dental care you know that you have had the best possible level of care available anywhere. His staff is marvelous they are all cheerful unlike some of the facilities that I have been in and reflect the excellent care I received at North River Dental Care.
  (5 out of 5)  by Pat A. - December 17,2015
Office was able to accommodate my needs quickly and efficiently. All staff pleasant and professional.
  (5 out of 5)  by Rebecca K. - December 15,2015
Best dentist I ever gone to. Excellent service.
  (5 out of 5)  by Joseph R. - December 15,2015
Very courteous staff. Excellent and comfortable facility. The entire procedure was explained thoroughly and the Dr. took extra time for any questions. He even included a follow up phone later that evening to check on my progress. he entire staff mad what would normally be a dreaded experience a complete pleasure. I like to keep my trips to the dentist minimal, but I would not hesitate returning to North River for any dental needs.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lori S. - December 8,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Trinity G. - December 4,2015
Dr. Bailey and his team are wonderful. They not only provide service to myself but my 2 children as well. They are flexible in appointment times and are available for emergencies. They have been very patient with my younger child who does not always like to come to the dentist.
  (5 out of 5)  by Marilynn H. - December 4,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Randall S. - November 20,2015
Wonderful experience.
  (4.2 out of 5)  by Mark A. - November 14,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Helda P. - November 12,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Barbara H. - November 10,2015
My anxiety lessened almost immediately.
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - November 5,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Carol H. - November 4,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Linda B. - November 3,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Olivia P. - November 3,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Dorothy H. - October 27,2015
Awesome !!!! Extremely satisfied
  (5 out of 5)  by Brylea H. - October 27,2015
Dr Bailey is awesome and the staff
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia S. - October 26,2015
Everything went great. The doctor and staff are all very nice to work with.
  (5 out of 5)  by Vanessa B. - October 15,2015
Thank you for taking me on such short notice and alleviating my fears/concerns. I truly look forward to continuing my dental treatment with your practice.
  (5 out of 5)  by Lori C. - October 14,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Rodney C. - October 13,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Deborah M. - September 26,2015
I love the personal touch you give to your patients at North River Dental Care. You always make me feel like you really take the time to listen to what I am saying. Now days, that means a lot!
  (5 out of 5)  by Joe P. - September 24,2015
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Kristina L. - September 19,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Shannon C. - September 18,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Alberta J. - September 16,2015
I did not experience any pain or problems after leaving the office. Today my mouth feel back to normal. Thank you. Jean Jobnson
  (5 out of 5)  by John L. - September 16,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Adrian C. - September 15,2015
Thank u
  (5 out of 5)  by Melissa H. - September 5,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Pamela A. - August 27,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Oscar C. - August 18,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Hope M. - August 18,2015
I truly appreciated the manner in which the doctor and his assistant displayed their bedside manner toward me because I was terrified going in. But I came out as another well satisfied customer all because of the professionalism of this group and knowing how to treat my particular problem while putting me at ease.
  (5 out of 5)  by Margaret P. - August 13,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Erlinda B. - August 11,2015
Dear Dr. Bailey and staff - I very much appreciate the professional, kind and positive experience I received in your office today. The courtesy and friendliness, along with the notable professional decorum. Thank you for comprehending my ailments and helping to place me at ease with procedures and explain implementation of these procedures. Sincerely - Lindy
  (5 out of 5)  by Libny U. - August 6,2015
Theyre very kind and offer me a lots of options!!
  (5 out of 5)  by John C. - August 6,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Gene C. - August 4,2015
For the first time ever I look forward to dentist visits. The team is wonderful !
  (5 out of 5)  by Alice L. - July 31,2015
This is my dentist for life...He explains everything great...Glad to have him as my dentist and he is right around the corner
  (5 out of 5)  by Trinity E. - July 31,2015
Ur whole team is awesome.. deff one of my best experience with medical professionals! Thanks..
  (5 out of 5)  by Cynthia T. - July 30,2015
Every nice and helpful staff.
  (5 out of 5)  by Ronald S. - July 28,2015
It is the best dental experience I have had in my 54 years
  (5 out of 5)  by Patricia S. - July 27,2015
Everything went smoothly. The dentist and hygienist were both very gentle. They explained everything clearly and showed me detailed pictures of what was going on. He has a beautiful office as well and uses state of the art equipment.
  (5 out of 5)  by Annette C. - July 23,2015
On my first visit as I was walking through the front door, my first impression was Wow! The doctor was awesome. He asked all the questions every dentist should ask. I was immediately comfortable! This North River office had some superb dental equipment that I had not seen in other dental offices. The dental hygienist cleaned my teeth very well and was quite knowledgeable. When she was done, my teeth were very clean, no tartar in sight. Not to forget the wonderful area for kids to sit and watch movies. Thank you North River Team!
  (5 out of 5)  by Stanley F. - July 23,2015
  (5 out of 5)  by Bobby M. - July 23,2015
Thanks for making me feel at ease.
  (5 out of 5)  by Melinda L. - July 17,2015
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Nicole W. - July 15,2015
  (4.6 out of 5)  by Rosalie L. - July 15,2015
Thank you for providing quality dental care with a dedicated focus on patient comfort.
  (5 out of 5)  by Kathleen L. - July 11,2015
Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty on this tooth. I had visions of you both saying I give up after an hour and a half. Thankfully you didnt.
  (5 out of 5)  by Jason P. - July 11,2015

Truly Satisfied Client

Truly Satisfied Client

Many years ago due to a car accident, I sustained considerable damage to my mouth resulting in the loss of my five front teeth. As a result, I experienced some horrific hours in a dental chair and developed a real fear and distrust of dentists.

Consequently, my dental health suffered considerably. I was living on borrowed time with the remaining teeth that supported my partial denture plate. Also, I did not realize that my constant exhaustion was a result of my dental issues and would soon be eliminated by having my teeth and gums healthy again.

What a wonderful experience to have my energy back and to be able to smile unselfconsciously. My son tells me I smile at everyone, and now I can do so happily and without concern.

Can you imagine a dentist who is more concerned about your smile than you are? That's Dr. Bailey; the smallest detail is important, and his goal is perfection. It's been amazing to me to see him putting my satisfaction, my comfort, and my emotional well-being way in front of his time and profit margin. There's never a rush to get a procedure done. While in Dr. Bailey's dental chair you are king/queen for the appointment.

Rachel is also one in a million. Somehow she is able to clean teeth painlessly. When assisting Dr. Bailey, you can expect her to exhibit total professionalism while being friendly and genuinely caring. What an excellent team they make!

My husband did extensive research before we chose a dentist. Although I've driven 65 miles for each appointment, I would gladly drive 100 to be a patient at North River Dental Care. From the first visit I knew that I could trust them completely. The results have far surpassed anything I had hoped for or dreamed could be possible.

From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you. Words cannot express my sincere appreciation.
Wishing you continued success,
- Pat E.

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