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Truly Satisfied Client

Truly Satisfied Client

Many years ago due to a car accident, I sustained considerable damage to my mouth resulting in the loss of my five front teeth. As a result, I experienced some horrific hours in a dental chair and developed a real fear and distrust of dentists.

Consequently, my dental health suffered considerably. I was living on borrowed time with the remaining teeth that supported my partial denture plate. Also, I did not realize that my constant exhaustion was a result of my dental issues and would soon be eliminated by having my teeth and gums healthy again.

What a wonderful experience to have my energy back and to be able to smile unselfconsciously. My son tells me I smile at everyone, and now I can do so happily and without concern.

Can you imagine a dentist who is more concerned about your smile than you are? That's Dr. Bailey; the smallest detail is important, and his goal is perfection. It's been amazing to me to see him putting my satisfaction, my comfort, and my emotional well-being way in front of his time and profit margin. There's never a rush to get a procedure done. While in Dr. Bailey's dental chair you are king/queen for the appointment.

Rachel is also one in a million. Somehow she is able to clean teeth painlessly. When assisting Dr. Bailey, you can expect her to exhibit total professionalism while being friendly and genuinely caring. What an excellent team they make!

My husband did extensive research before we chose a dentist. Although I've driven 65 miles for each appointment, I would gladly drive 100 to be a patient at North River Dental Care. From the first visit I knew that I could trust them completely. The results have far surpassed anything I had hoped for or dreamed could be possible.

From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you. Words cannot express my sincere appreciation.
Wishing you continued success,
- Pat E.

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