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What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

Black man cringes in pain and touches his cheek during a dental emergency in Fredericksburg, VA

There’s never a good time for a dental emergency. However, knowing what to do in advance can help you calmly and confidently take the right steps to help yourself and your loved ones. Here is a brief guide about what to do for common dental emergencies:


When you have a toothache, it could mean several things. It might be a sign that your tooth is infected or your gums are irritated. Whether the pain is mild or severe, don't ignore it! Gargle with warm saltwater or apply a cold compress for pain relief while you call our office to schedule an appointment.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If a permanent tooth gets knocked out, there’s a good chance you can save the tooth! First, carefully pick up the tooth by the crown, which is its chewing surface. Rinse any dirt or debris off with water or milk. Gently reinsert the tooth back into its place or put in a small cup of milk. Contact us immediately and make your way to our office!

Broken or Chipped Teeth

Gently rinse your mouth with warm water after chipping or breaking a tooth. Keep any tooth pieces. If the area is bleeding, apply gentle pressure with gauze. Use a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain. And call our office to schedule an emergency appointment.

Lost Filling or Crown

If you notice that you’ve lost a crown or filling, let our office know immediately. Without its protection, your natural tooth is more susceptible to tooth decay and infection.

Broken Orthodontic Equipment

While braces and aligners are designed to be tough, they do break on occasion. If your metal wire gets out of place, cover it with dental wax to prevent irritation. In either case, contact your orthodontist for emergency treatment!

To ask our team any questions about a dental emergency or to schedule an emergency appointment, call us!


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