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What Causes Dry Mouth?

Dry desert landscape with tan sand and a vivid orange and yellow sunset, reminiscent of dry mouth

Does your mouth feel like a desert? Saliva plays an important role in digestion, your ability to taste, and protecting your teeth against harmful bacteria left behind by food particles. A decrease in your saliva production is not only a nuisance, but it can negatively impact your oral health. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most common causes of dry mouth and a few best practices to correct it.

1. Medicinal Side Effects

Medications used to treat a variety of health issues can cause dry mouth. These medications are not limited to prescription drugs, as several over-the-counter medications can have the same effect. The most notable dry mouth inducing medications include antidepressants, antihistamines, pain medication, blood pressure medication, and a variety of others. If one of these medications is responsible for your symptoms, oftentimes your doctor can put you on a different medication or slightly lower the dosage.

2. Excessive Tobacco & Alcohol Use

If you notice your dry mouth flares after you’ve been smoking or drinking, that’s because both alcohol and tobacco dry out your mouth and inhibit saliva production. It’s best you refrain from using tobacco products altogether, as it is detrimental to not only your dental health but your overall health as well. When responsibly consuming alcohol, ensure you’re drinking water between alcoholic drinks. And if you like using a mouthrinse, be sure to buy an alcohol-free mouthwash.

3. Dehydration

One of the most obvious causes of dry mouth is dehydration. Noticing a dry mouth is one of the first indications of dehydration. If not taken care of, dehydration can lead to more serious complications including fever, vomiting, and profuse sweating. Many health professionals recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. But the best rule of thumb is to listen to your body and drink water even before you feel thirsty, especially when in the heat and/or exercising.

We Can Help Ease Your Discomfort!

If you’re experiencing chronic dry mouth, North River Dental Care can help. We’ll thoroughly examine your mouth and consider your medications and medical history to pinpoint the root cause, and suggest treatment customized to your individual dental needs. Contact us to schedule your appointment with our professional team today!


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