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Root Canal Therapy FAQ

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If you need root canal therapy, you may feel worried because you've read or heard negative things concerning the procedure. Here, we’ll explain what root canal therapy is and debunk some common myths.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

If bacteria has reached the inside of your tooth and damaged the sensitive pulp and nerve, you'll need root canal therapy. This is a procedure that is used to preserve a damaged tooth that is badly decayed and/or infected. An abscess is when a small pocket of pus develops from an infection. During root canal therapy, Dr. Bailey will drill into the top of the tooth in order to remove the pulp and clean out the decay and/or abscess from the inside of the tooth. The tooth will then be sealed so that no more infection or decay can occur. If you have severe decay, it may be vital that you get root canal therapy or risk having the decay spread to surrounding teeth, losing your tooth all together, and experiencing bone loss.

Are There Any Risks of Root Canal Therapy?

Dr. Bailey has extensive experience with performing root canal therapy, so there is little to no risk associated with the procedure. In fact, there is more potential for harm to your oral health if you delay treatment when root canal therapy is recommended. If the damage becomes too severe for successful root canal therapy, your tooth is too fragile to be saved and tooth extraction is required.

Does Root Canal Therapy Cause Cancer or Other Illnesses?

There’s a myth that root canal therapy can cause cancer and other illnesses, but this is not true at all. Modern research has show that there is no evidence that links root canal therapy with diseases like cancer.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

When you think about root canal therapy, you probably conjure images of people writhing in pain in the dentist’s chair. While that may have been the case decades ago, modern sedation, anesthesia, and technology make the procedure virtually painless! And afterwards, the pain associated with your decayed tooth will be gone.

Is Pulling a Tooth Better Than Getting Root Canal Therapy?

If you are experiencing a dental issue, we always try to save your natural tooth whenever possible. However, if the tooth is beyond saving, then a tooth extraction is in your best interest. If we do recommend pulling the tooth, there are several tooth replacement options that are comfortable and realistic-looking, such as a dental implant or bridge, or partial or full dentures to replace multiple teeth.

More Questions? Ask Us!

If you have any other questions about root canal therapy, think you may need root canal therapy, or want to learn more about our other dental services, contact us today.


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