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Types of Dental Restorations & When They're Needed

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At North River Dental Care, we offer a variety of restorative dentistry services, including:

Dental Fillings

Poor oral hygiene and/or an acidic or sugary diet can increase your risk of tooth decay. Tooth decay is weakening of the enamel, the tooth’s outer protective layer. If the affected areas are not fortified through remineralization, they become permanently damaged in the form of a hole, called a cavity. Small cavities can usually be repaired with a simple dental filling. This process involves removing the damaged tissue, cleaning out the tooth, and filling it with a special tooth-colored substance.

Root Canal Therapy

Severe cavities that have resulted in damage to the innermost tooth layer, called ...

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Can a Missing Tooth Lead to Bone Loss?

Drawing of the upper arch of teeth missing a front tooth, leaving a gap that will cause bone loss

Missing a tooth? You might think that replacing it is not worth the cost and effort, and that you’ll be just fine with the gap. However, you’re actually putting yourself at risk for bone loss by not addressing the missing tooth.

Yes, a missing tooth can lead to bone loss! When a tooth is missing and you’re left with a gap, that area of the jawbone does not receive the stimulation that the natural tooth provided. Because the activity of bone-remodeling/degrading cells (called osteoclasts) outpaces the activity of bone-building cells (called osteoblasts), your jaw can start to deteriorate as a result.

Preventing Bone Loss with Dental Implants

If you need to have a ...

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How to Manage Pain After Dental Implant Surgery

dental implant illustration

After the recovery period of dental implant surgery, your results will be amazing and life-changing! We advise patients to take their healing seriously and follow any guidelines and instructions we give you at your appointment to promote a smooth recovery.

In this blog post, we share some tips for managing any pain and discomfort after you get your dental implants.

Take It Easy

After dental implant surgery, it’s critical that you don’t overexert yourself for several days. Get plenty of rest and limit your physical activity for at least 72 hours. If you are up and running around too soon after your surgery, you can put unnecessary pressure on the surgical area which ...

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Should I Worry About Missing Teeth?

Drawing of an upper arch with a missing tooth that needs a dental implant tooth replacement

Our team at North River Dental Care is here to help you make informed decisions about your oral healthcare. In this blog post, we discuss what can happen if you do not replace missing adult teeth.

Jawbone Degradation

Bones are in a state of constant remodeling. Cells called osteoblasts build up bone and cells called osteoclasts deconstruct it. For bones to stay strong, these processes must be balanced. Your natural teeth support and strengthen the jawbone by transferring chewing forces to its bone structure, which stimulate the bone-building osteoblasts. But without root stimulation from the missing teeth, the destructive osteoclasts become more active. Consequently, the jawbone will weaken and begin to deteriorate ...

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