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Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

dental symptoms you should not ignore woman with tooth pain

At North River Dental Care, we know there are a lot of reasons why people might put off seeing the dentist. Work, life, kids, and stress… there never seems to be enough time in the day! But even with everything else you have going on in your life, there are certain dental and oral symptoms that you should never ignore. We’re here to help you prioritize your dental health and wellbeing by providing insight into these dental warning signs and symptoms.

Throbbing Pain: If you are experiencing intense, throbbing pain localized to one of your teeth, it is a possible sign of damage to your tooth’s nerve. The danger is that naturally occurring bacteria can infect the tooth’s nerve and cause serious damage. If you address these dental problems early, you might only need a filling. However, once the nerve is infected, your tooth might require a root canal, crown, or even more to fix the problem. But don’t worry! No matter what your dental diagnosis, Dr. Bailey will provide gentle, expert care to help ease your tooth pain and help you improve your oral health. 

throbbing tooth painWisdom Tooth Pain: Some people never encounter any issues with their third set of molars (better known as wisdom teeth). However, if there is not room at the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth can become impacted.  This results in pain, swelling, and discomfort. Further complications arise because erupted teeth can be a magnet for food particles and bacteria. If you are having problems with your wisdom teeth, contact Dr. Bailey at North River Dental Care as soon as you can. Like most oral health issues, addressing troublemaking wisdom teeth early is the best thing you can do to avoid more suffering later.

Pain When Eating: If you experience pain when you eat something hot, cold or sweet, don’t ignore it. Your teeth may be trying to get your attention. Cavites, broken fillings, cracked teeth, or bite problems can all cause pain and damage to teeth over time. The earlier these problems are detected and addressed, the better it is for your teeth.

Swollen, Puffy, or Inflamed Gum Tissue: Pain or general puffiness of soft tissues of your mouth including your gums should not be ignored. These are potential symptoms of infection or gum disease. It could also mean you have a cracked tooth. If you do not address these issues early, you run the risk of tooth loss or serious infection. Also, if your teeth feel loose, this could be a sign of gum disease.  Finally, if you notice a persistent sore or patch of irregular skin on your gums, cheeks, or tongue that won’t heal, make sure to have it checked by Dr. Bailey or your primary care doctor. Mouth sores are incredibly common and generally nothing to worry about. In very rare cases, however, sores can be a sign of oral cancer. While you shouldn’t feel alarmed, it’s still wise to take precautions and get it checked out. As part of your visit to North River Dental Care, Dr. Bailey will check for any abnormalities of your gums, cheeks, tongue, and neck.woman holding glass of water

Chronic Dry Mouth: Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, occurs when there is a decrease in the production of saliva. About 10% of all people are affected by dry mouth. There are many causes of dry mouth, including stress, certain medications, or dehydration. Chronic or persistent dry mouth may also be a sign of diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, or salivary gland disease. Ignoring persistent dry mouth can increase your chances of aggressive tooth decay or infections of the mouth. If you think you are suffering from dry mouth, call Dr. Bailey at North River Dental Care for an appointment. In the meantime, you can combat dry mouth by avoiding caffeine, drinking water during meals, or chewing sugarless gum. Other foods that increase saliva include cinnamon, lemon, and mint.

Are you experiencing any of the dental symptoms above? If so, contact Dr. Bailey at North River Dental Care today for your appointment. Our friendly and professional staff is here to take care of all your oral health needs, so that you will leave our Fredericksburg office with a smile. 

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