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Should I Worry About Missing Teeth?

Drawing of an upper arch with a missing tooth that needs a dental implant tooth replacement

Our team at North River Dental Care is here to help you make informed decisions about your oral healthcare. In this blog post, we discuss what can happen if you do not replace missing adult teeth.

Jawbone Degradation

Bones are in a state of constant remodeling. Cells called osteoblasts build up bone and cells called osteoclasts deconstruct it. For bones to stay strong, these processes must be balanced. Your natural teeth support and strengthen the jawbone by transferring chewing forces to its bone structure, which stimulate the bone-building osteoblasts. But without root stimulation from the missing teeth, the destructive osteoclasts become more active. Consequently, the jawbone will weaken and begin to deteriorate in the area where the teeth once were. This can compromise the health of neighboring teeth and also alter your facial structure.

Dental implants prevent bone loss. After they are surgically implanted into the jawbone, they fuse with the bone. This sturdy attachment allows forces to be transferred to the jawbone as if there was still a natural tooth root.

Shifting Teeth

When there are gaps in your smile, teeth are likely to move into the void left behind. Your bite and tooth alignment can shift, which can end up affecting your speech and ability to eat. Leaving spaces in your smile can also increase the likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay because food and bacteria can get trapped.

Filling gaps in your smile with artificial teeth can help prevent neighboring teeth from shifting undesirably and increasing your risk of dental disease.

Altered Facial Appearance

In addition to jawbone deterioration and shifting of your teeth, your cheeks and lips can appear sunken in and deflated without the support of underlying teeth. This can make you look older than you really are.

Replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth supports the cheeks and lips to preserve your facial appearance.

Tooth Replacement Solutions in Fredericksburg, VA

At North River Dental Care, we offer a wide array of restorative solutions to help you regain a healthy, complete smile! From bridges to dental implants, we are fully equipped to tailor a treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle, oral health needs, and budget!

Whether they were lost because of trauma or dental disease, missing teeth can change your quality of life. Altered appearance, impaired chewing, and difficulty speaking can cause you to feel self-conscious and less interested in social participation. Don't delay–contact us today to schedule your tooth replacement consultation at North River Dental Care!


Image by Authority Dental under CC 2.0

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