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Are you experiencing functional problems with your tooth? Possibly you've lost one, several, or had an extraction and need a way to make your smile whole and fully function again? At North River Dental Care, we can help you achieve your complete, perfect smile with a dental bridge.

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How are dental bridges different from other tooth restorations?dental bridge

If you're experiencing functional problems with a tooth, lost a tooth, or have had a tooth extracted, a dental bridge may be the best solution to restore your smile. Out of the tooth replacement options available— dental crowns and dentures— dental bridges are an effective and efficient way to fill in the gap. A dental bridge includes one or two crowns on each side with a false tooth or teeth in between. The false tooth or teeth can be made from gold, alloy, porcelain, or a combination of materials. Dental bridges can replace a tooth while also helping to preserve its surrounding teeth.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

If you have lost a tooth but aren't ready to commit to an implant or meet the requirement of dentures, a dental bridge may be a restorative dentistry solution that you come across. The benefits of dental bridges include:

  • Preserving remaining teeth from shifting
  • Long-term stability and support
  • Restoring function and aesthetics

How long do dental bridges last?

Similar to any other restorative dentistry treatment, dental bridges require good care to last long. On average, a dental bridge can last at least five years. Whether you have a fixed dental bridge or removable bridge, it's essential to brush and floss daily as well as clean underneath the bridge and maintain routine checkups. During regular dental visits, Dr. Bailey can determine if your bridge is in good condition and shape for it to continue to maintain your complete, healthy smile. If you're curious if our dental bridges in Fredericksburg, VA, are right for you, contact our office!

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