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Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

Brunette woman cringes in pain and touches her cheek due to tooth sensitivity

Do your teeth feel sensitive when you sip a hot coffee or when you have a bite of ice cream? If so, you could be suffering from tooth sensitivity. But what does that mean and is tooth sensitivity a sign of something worse?

What Is Tooth Sensitivity?

First, let’s discuss what tooth sensitivity is. Tooth sensitivity is a painful sensation that occurs when you consume certain foods or drinks (like those that are very hot or very cold) because your tooth’s dentin or cementum is exposed. Dentin is the layer underneath your tooth’s enamel, the hard shell that covers and protects your teeth, and cementum is the material that protects the roots ...

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The Importance of Modern Dental Technology

Dentist looks at panoramic dental X-ray

Today we are fortunate to experience modern dentistry that makes our mouths healthier and more beautiful. Technology has helped take what was once a crude practice of brushing teeth with crushed up bones and using animal teeth to construct dentures to complex procedures that include realistic-looking biocompatible dental implants, professionally teeth whitening, and virtually painless root canal therapy. Here, we’ll explain some of the amazing modern dental technology that we have to improve your dental experience here at North River Dental Care

Our Laser Scanner Detects Cavities Early

At North River Dental Care, we have a laser scanner that helps us detect cavities at the very early stages. This allows us to fix ...

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How Does Aging Affect Your Teeth?

Aging husband and wife with graying hair smile as the husband gives his wife a piggy back ride on the beach

It’s a fact of life that with aging there comes changes to your body, and your teeth are no exception to that rule. While everyone’s situation is unique, there are a couple common changes to your teeth you can expect as you get older.

Changes in Enamel

It shouldn’t be surprising that a lifetime of wear and tear can leave some effects on your teeth. All that biting and chewing and grinding you do over the years can wear down your enamel, the outer layer of ...

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Sugar Alternatives for Healthier Teeth

Closeup of a small sifter with a white powdery sugar substitute for baking

The holidays are filled with family, friends, joy, and food. Chances are that many of your favorite foods of the holiday season have been filled with sugar. For our team at North River Dental Care, these sugar-laden foods can be worrisome, as sugar is the major contributor to tooth decay. We recommend eating sugar only in moderation, but that ideal seems much harder to adhere to during the holiday season. As this year turns into the next, consider keeping the sweetness you crave in your favorite treats by incorporating the following sugar ...

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What Causes Dry Mouth?

Dry desert landscape with tan sand and a vivid orange and yellow sunset, reminiscent of dry mouth

Does your mouth feel like a desert? Saliva plays an important role in digestion, your ability to taste, and protecting your teeth against harmful bacteria left behind by food particles. A decrease in your saliva production is not only a nuisance, but it can negatively impact your oral health. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most common causes of dry mouth and a few best practices to correct it.

1. Medicinal Side Effects

Medications used to treat a variety of health issues can cause dry mouth. These medications are not ...

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Tips for Eating & Drinking After Oral Surgery

If you undergo dental surgery, it is important to diligently follow your post-operative instructions to promote a smooth, healthy recovery and to avoid painful complications. Of course, follow any instructions from your doctor about what you should or should not eat and drink, but Dr. Bailey and our team have also put together the following list of tips to aid your recovery!

1. Stick to Soft Foods

At first, you’ll need to only eat softer foods. We recommend Greek yogurt (less added sugar than regular yogurt), smoothies, pureed soups (like tomato soup or this yummy black bean soup from Our Best Bites), mashed bananas, and mashed veggies (like mashed sweet potatoes). ...

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Dental Fads You Should Avoid

Every once in a while, a popular fad will come along that seems to sweep up everyone in its path. Whether it be clothing, home decor, language, lifestyle, diet, or personal care, after gaining a few years perspective, we’re often left wondering what in the world we were thinking. Today, our team at North River Dental Care wants to go over a few dental fads we recommend avoiding to protect your oral health!

Oil Pulling

Proponents of oil pulling assert that swishing oil (often coconut oil) in your mouth for twenty to thirty minutes can increase energy, rid the body of toxins, freshen your breath, whiten your teeth, and help draw plaque and tartar ...

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The Link Between Acne & Oral Health

Brunette woman dabs her mouth with a tissue as she evaluates her skin using a handheld mirror

It might seem odd, but there is actually a link between your oral health and how clear your skin is. When your skin is breaking out you may first think it has something to do with your stress level, your diet, or your environment, but it could potentially be dental-related! Read on to learn why.


Ever thought that your toothpaste could be the culprit to your acne woes? It may be surprising, but toothpaste residue could be causing you to break out around your mouth. It’s important to wash ...

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Surprisingly Healthy Foods for Your Teeth

healthy foods for teeth

It’s no surprise that sugary foods like soda, candy, and fruit juice can contribute significantly to tooth decay. Not only are these foods bad for your overall health, but they are also detrimental to the health of your teeth. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), your oral health is the first area to decline when your diet lacks adequate nutrition.

Dr. Bailey of North River Dental Care has compiled this helpful list of foods that are in fact good for your teeth and your overall oral health! These foods are not only part of a great well-rounded diet, but they can also help reduce your risk of cavities as well ...

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You CAN Afford Dental Care: Some Helpful Tips

Dental care, affordable dental care, save up for dental care

Dental care really can be affordable, even if you don’t have insurance. Many times, personal finances make families hesitate to invest in their dental health. To help, North River Dental Care offers a number of flexible financing and payment options, including CareCredit and United Medical Credit. But sometimes, even low monthly payments can still make you feel the pinch in your wallet. Here are some simple tips we compiled on how to help you afford your needed dental care.

Get Regular Checkups!

The best way to keep dentistry affordable is just to visit your dentist on a regular basis! Really! The reason why is pretty simple: the longer a dental problem has ...

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